Bihar: MLA threatens – if we lose, there will be a famine in your village

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: While on the one hand all the leaders are bowing down before the public and appealing to vote, on the one hand, many ministers are also facing public anger. Many leaders and ministers are being pushed out of their area and others are adopting other tricks. Also Read – Big decisions of Bihar cabinet – Jobs come out, double decker flyover too soon

There is one such minister who is handling the Department of Mines and Ghosts of the Government of Bihar and has been elected from Chanpur assembly constituency in Kaimur district. Brijkishore Bind, MLA of Chainpur Assembly in Kaimur district, reached his constituency and directly threatened the people there. A video of his threat is going viral on social media. Also Read – Mahasetu will connect Kosi-Mithilanchal’s hearts, 86-year long wait ends today

In this video, Minister of Mines and Ghosts Brijkishore Bind is telling the people that since we have been MLAs from Chainpur assembly constituency, there has been no famine in this area, if we lose this time, then there will be famine. Also Read – Before the Bihar elections, a strange decree of the Police Headquarters continues, a political uproar

Interestingly, the village in which the minister was speaking in his Chanpur assembly constituency, he does not even know the name of the village, but the public is no less. The villagers made the video of this statement of the minister viral on social media. After which the politics in Bihar has intensified.

The opposition party accused the minister that if the minister has done development then what is the need to threaten the public. This time, threatening the public will not work. After this, the minister, who gave a statement, said on this issue, that we have done a lot of development in our region and it is true that since we have won, there has been no famine in the area.

He said that the opposition is divided and speaking things. I have not given any false statement, I still stand by that statement. What should we do if someone thinks my words are bad. I am not threatening anyone. I have told the truth to people. I am an MLA of Chainpur assembly constituency. I went to that village and I have said this. But when the Minister was asked the name of the village, he does not remember the name of the village itself. He said that I do not know in which village I have spoken, but I have spoken these things, remember this.