Bihar News: Approach road of bridge overflowed in Bihar even before CM Nitish’s inauguration

Bihar News: Approach road of a bridge in Bihar has been washed away. The biggest thing is that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was about to inaugurate this bridge today. Earlier, on the 15th of last month, the approach of Sattarghat bridge of Gopalganj was broken within a few days after the inauguration, after which the state government suffered a lot. The only difference between the two incidents is that the approach road of that bridge was broken after the inauguration of CM Nitish Kumar. Also Read – Development failed in Bihar, then tried to cross electoral waters with the help of Sushant: Shiv Sena

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was to inaugurate the Bangra Ghat Mega Bridge in Chapra with video conferencing, but the approach road of this bridge was washed away before the inauguration. Bihar is still suffering from Corona with rain, floods. With this, the assembly elections in Bihar are at the head. Therefore, the process of the inauguration ceremony is also duly operational. Also Read – Nitish Kumar is political gambler, we will bring Ramraj in Bihar, said Pappu Yadav

It is being told that the approach road of the Bangra Ghat Mega Bridge is broken due to the breakdown of Saran Dam in Baikunthpur on Wednesday. The cost of this bridge is 509 crores. At the same time, a month ago, the Seventhghat bridge of Gopalganj whose approach road was broken was worth 264 crores. That is, this time almost the approach road of the double-cost bridge also could not bear the flow of water and flowed along the stream.

Earlier, the Satarghat bridge of Gopalganj was inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the lockdown on June 16. The approach road of the bridge fell on July 15, a month after the inauguration. The project consisted of 1.44 km of bridge length and 10.15 km approach road on either side of the bridge.

Sattarghat Bridge of Gopalganj was started from 2012 and it was ready in 2020 by taking more time than scheduled. After the accident, the government had formed a team to investigate. It is still being investigated that now this second incident has come to light.

The Satghat bridge was constructed by Vashishta Construction Company of Hyderabad. After news came in the media, the company’s negligence was revealed. It was said that both sides of the approach road were not strengthened by pitching. Due to which 3 lakh cusecs of water was released in the Gandak river, the approach road could not withstand the pressure of water and broke.

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