Bihar Results: Re-emerged in Congress over performance in Bihar elections, ‘dissatisfaction notes’, wrong ticket distribution or …

Bihar Elections Result: Results have been revealed in the elections to the Bihar Legislative Assembly. The NDA government is being formed once again in Bihar. While the winning party has sunk in the celebration, the losing parties have started assessing the election results. Congress once again felt disappointment in these elections. This party, which contested 70 seats, won only 19 seats. The largest party in the Grand Alliance was the RJD, which contested 144 seats and secured 75 seats. The ‘weak’ performance in the elections has once again raised the tone of dissatisfaction in the Congress. Also Read – Celebration of Bihar: PM Narendra Modi targeted Mamata Banerjee and Congress party, said – Death game does not get votes

According to the report published on NDTV’s website, senior leaders who were members of the disgruntled group said, ‘The performance of the Congress has shown what led to the grand alliance of Tejaswi Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Left parties’ ‘Had to stay.’ Even the CPI-ML, which was part of the alliance, contested 19 seats and won 12 seats. This performance of the Congress proved him to be a laggard in terms of strike rate. Also Read – Madhya Pradesh: After Congress defeat, Kamal Nath, voice raised against Digvijay Singh, demand for resignation

Leaders watching the Bihar elections officially called it the wrong ticket distribution and the polarization of votes in the third and decisive phase responsible for this poor performance. A section of dissidents said, ‘We were kept away from campaigning. We were getting reports from Bihar that incompetent people were sent from Delhi to take the reins of elections, bypassing the leaders of the state Congress. ‘ Also Read – Dalai Lama congratulates Nitish Kumar for victory in Bihar, said – Success will meet expectations

At the same time, another group of disgruntled groups said that the Bihar election should not be viewed in isolation and it is part of the pattern (poor performance) of the by-elections in other states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. The only senior leader of the party who campaigned in Bihar was Rahul Gandhi. The propaganda of Rahul Gandhi was completely focused on making a personal attack against PM Narendra Modi. Most leaders believe that this step proved too heavy in the previous elections.

Let us know that the NDA has once again got a clear majority in the elections. The party has got 125 seats, while the Grand Alliance was able to win 110 seats.

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