Billy McFarland, A Con Artist, Says That All Of The $500 Tickets For Fyre Fest II Are Already Gone


Billy McFarland, A Con Artist, Says That All Of The $500 Tickets For Fyre Fest II Are Already Gone:

If you believe Billy McFarland, who cheated people out of money at the Fyre Festival, a fool is born every minute, or 100 of them. The accused con artist said that all 100 of the $499 tickets for his second try to put on a music event upon a Caribbean island had been sold.

Billy McFarland, the con artist who put on the first Fyre Festival, announced on Monday that tickets for the second Fyre Festival would go on sale. The mess that happened in 2017 was billed as the “cultural experience of the decade.”

But instead, people on the island of Exuma in the Bahamas charged between $1,200 and more than $100,000 for emergency rescue blankets and cheese sandwiches. The exact thing that sent McFarland to prison for wire fraud.

After The Initial Fyre Festival Disaster In 2017, McFarland Was Sent To Prison For 4 Years For Scamming Investors:

McFarland, who is 31 years old, spent four years in jail for scamming investors after the initial Fyre Festival fiasco in 2017.

When music fans showed up on an island in the Bahamas that wasn’t ready for them, they found torn tents, no bathrooms, as well as cheese sandwiches on the menu.

The swindler said in a YouTube video on Tuesday that he was bringing back his failed idea as well as that tickets were accessible through the booking site Posh.VIP.

On the website, it says that advance tickets for the Dec. 6 event have sold out but that soon, nearly 700 more tickets will go on sale, with prices ranging from an eye-popping $799 to $7,999. The next event was teased earlier this year, and on August 21, 100 tickets went on sale early for $499 each.

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The Price Of Tickets Will Keep Going Up, And The Last Round Will Cost $7,999 Each:

The price of tickets will keep going up, and the last round will cost $7,999 each. For $1,500 less, you might purchase four VIP tickets to Coachella and stay within the “ready-to-go Lake Eldorado Tent.”

According to an email from the event’s producers and McFarland’s social media, all 100 tickets have been sold, even though the event doesn’t have a list of acts, a specific date, or a place.

The first event said it would have luxury houses, a bill with Blink-182 as well as Migos, as well as models such as Kendall Jenner as well as Hailey Bieber.

But when people arrived there, they didn’t find Jenner, Bieber, or Blink-182. Instead, they found “FEMA tents” and piles of building supplies.

McFarland, Who Was Freed Last Year And Has Been Living At A Halfway House Within Brooklyn:

McFarland, who was released from prison last year and has been living in a halfway house within Brooklyn, said on Tuesday, “This marks a big day.

It has been the craziest ride to get here, and it all started when I was in solitary confinement for seven months.”

“I wrote out a 50-page plan of how this overall demand and interest in Fyre and my ability to get people from all over the world to work together would be needed to make the unthinkable happen,” he said.

He said that he works alongside the “best partners within the world,” but according to McFarland, only music boss Andy King has a stake in the project.

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McFarland Said That The Second Fyre Festival Will Be Back In The Caribbean:

King was in the Netflix documentary “Fyre” and reportedly said that he would “suck d-k” to give Evian water to people at the disastrous music event.

“We talked to people from as far afield as the Middle East as well as South America, and at the end, we decided that Fyre Festival II will be back in the Caribbean,” McFarland said.

No one knows where it is within the Caribbean. When you select the “Open within Maps” button upon the website for the event, you are taken to the Caribbean Sea page on Google Maps.

Medvedenko Paid $549.89 For A Ticket To “The First 100”:

Victoria Medvedenko, 20, a nursing student within Arizona, didn’t let that stop her from getting a ticket. Screenshots of a receipt that were given to The Washington Post show that Medvedenko paid $549.89 for a ticket to “The First 100.”

She explained her choice by saying, “I don’t think Billy would be interested in going back to prison, as well as he’s had plenty of time to reflect on it and get ready this time.”

“And I think it had a lot of promise the first time around. He didn’t have sufficient leisure time as well as the right frame of mind.”

In the clip, McFarland also said that he had gotten enough money from an unknown partner for paying back all of the investors in Fyre Festival and make a Broadway show regarding the original event.

This Time, Rap Artist Ja Rule Won’t Be Involved:

McFarland said that rapper Ja Rule, who assisted in coming up with the idea for the 2017 mess, won’t be involved this time.

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Cooper, Medvedenko’s boyfriend, also bought a ticket, so the two of them will go together. If the event doesn’t happen, “it’s not like it’s a loss upon my part,” Medvedenko stated. “I’m sure I’ll get the cash back, so I don’t see it being as much of an inconvenience either way.”

McFarland went to jail for less than four years after he tricked investors out of $26 million during the 2017 event and another $100,000 within a fake ticket-selling plan.

On March 30 of 2022, he was let out of jail early and sent to a halfway house. From then until September 2022, he was beneath house arrest.