Biohackers Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More


Christian Ditter, who is of German descent, made the Netflix original series Biohackers, which is a techno-thriller. The main actors are Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, and Benno Fürmann. The first two seasons each have six episodes that are 35–45 minutes long and have given the show a real, imposing look. It has a 6.8/10 rating on IMDb. The audience has already been waiting for the premiere of the third chapter. Now, Netflix is anticipating the release of its third season. It was supposed to come out in September 2021, but it hasn’t come out yet. The story is about a teenager’s life in Germany and also about scientific lab experiments.

“Biohackers” is a German-language original techno-thriller web series made by Christian Ditter that will get your inner scientist going. The premise takes place in a future-like present and is a reflection of how far science has come in the field of synthetic biology. The plot is fraught with high-tech playthings and high-stake perils, complete with cliffhangers, turns, and jaw-dropping conspiracies. It’s about an ambitious and smart student named Mia Akerlund, who goes to the University of Freiburg to study under the guidance of a famous scientist and businesswoman named Tanja Lorenz.

Will There Be A Season 3 Of Biohackers?

There hasn’t been any new information from Netflix regarding season 3, fans are hopeful that they will get one. There seem to be two seasons currently available on Netflix. Season 1 happened to come out on August 20, 2020, and season 2 started on July 9, 2021. Each season usually has six episodes that are between 41 and 47 minutes long, so you can expect the next season to have the same number of episodes and a similar range of episode lengths.

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Biohackers Season 3 Cast: Who could be in it?

In all likelihood, all the members of the cast whose characters remain alive at the end of the last season will play their parts in the third installment. The show’s main cast ensemble contains Luna Wedler (Emma/Mia), Thomas Prenn (Niklas), Adrian Julius Tillmann (Jasper), Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer (Ole), Caro Cult (Lotta), and Jing Xiang (Chen-Lu).

Also, Jessica Schwarz does a beautiful job playing Tanja Lorenz. But since Lorenz dies at the conclusion of Season 2, it’s unlikely that Schwarz’s character will come back unless there’s a biological miracle. Benno Fürmann’s character Andreas Winter dies in season 2 as well. So, Fürmann’s return for the next round seems unlikely.

Biohackers Season 3 Storyline

This season is anticipated to start with a jolt, picking up the story three months after the big mystery that ended the first season. Mia gets back to authenticity in a lecture room, and she can’t think about anything, such as her call. She sees a therapist and has random bouts of mental misery. The rest of the season tries to piece together the story. After the media makes a big deal out of the Homo Deus story, Mia has flashbacks to the time she was taken and goes to Lorenz, who lives in her mother’s small apartment.

Mia’s efforts to take down Baron von Furstenberg could be the main focus of the third season. The library of record keeping from the studies that were paid for by Furstenberg, the promoter of crazy clinical experiments, remains open to the public. Every one of the younger characters is still alive, which has to be a sign that the show is moving on to its third season. At the end of season 2, Mia doesn’t know that Lotta is involved in what’s happening.

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So, we can assume that if season 3 of Biohackers comes out, Mia and the lotto may become enemies. We can’t think of any more stories to tell because it’s a techno-thriller and anything can happen, but we can be sure that season 3 will be more fascinating and have more mind-blowing turns and twists. So, we can finally wait for the official declaration that this show will continue for a third season.

Biohackers Season 3 Release Date

The second season of “Biohackers” started streaming on Netflix on July 9, 2021. Each episode of the second season lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. When Netflix brought the show back for a second season after only a week, it showed a lot of interest and confidence in it. Some other shows were canceled because of the serious pandemic, but the mix of technology and mystery just seems to catch the attention of the famous streaming platform. That said, the plot of season 2 ends on a sad but oddly satisfying note. But, like some science fiction projects, the creator may add a third season to make it a three-part structure.

Also, some parts of the second season’s story could be continued in a third season, so it’s possible that the show will be brought back for a third season. Even if the show gets the OK, making it would take about 5 to 6 months. Post-production and editing will indeed take more time. If Netflix decides to change the show for a third season by the end of 2021, we might see ‘Biohackers season 3 sometime in 2023.

Will Biohackers Season Worth Watching

The series explains complicated and hard-to-understand ideas like genome sequencing, gene editing, marker genes, and others in a humble and self-deprecating way that doesn’t scare off viewers. The lab setup and tools are shown precisely as they are in actual life. The newly developed genome editing technology CRISPR Cas9 is also manifested, but the antidote development may not be as fast as the series shows. Every biologist in the country would discover the series interesting and relevant.

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The sound was appealing. But the character development could be better. This is a series that will always make you want to read the next chapter. It was fun to watch, especially for those interested in biotechnology and gene editing. As a whole, the series is interesting. After the last episode of the last season, which was very sad, viewers had an idea of what to expect this season. Season 3 is much-anticipated.

Biohackers season 3 will also show the world of gene therapy. Also, the showrunners will add a third season to give the story a more complex structure and dig deeper into some of season 2’s plotlines.

Where to Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Biohackers?

Biohackers Seasons 1 and 2 are both on Netflix.