Bird Flu: 69,000 birds were killed in Alappuzha and Kottayam in Kerala; Government will give compensation to farmers who raise duck

Bird Flu in India: More than 69,000 birds, including ducks and chickens, have been killed in Alappuzha and Kottayam districts of Kerala to prevent the spread of the H5N8 form of bird flu. Animal Husbandry Minister of Kerala K.K. Raju gave this information on Wednesday. He said that 19 Rapid Action Forces are working to kill birds in both the districts and the areas where infection is likely to spread, they will be cleared of infection on Thursday. Also Read – Supreme Court to hear hearing on January 11, Agriculture Minister said – We are committed to the welfare of farmers

Raju said that no cases of humans getting infected with N5N8 virus have been reported so far. He said, “According to preliminary reports, the birds of the state have been infected with migratory birds. So far there has not been a case of humans getting infected with this virus. However, there is a possibility of changing the nature of this virus, so we have to be cautious. “He said that the sale of birds meat and their eggs will continue in these areas. Also Read – Central Government’s action on the threat of bird flu, control room made to monitor the situation

Raja told that 61,513 birds were killed in Alappuzha and 7,729 birds in Kottayam. As a result of examination of samples done at Bhopal’s National High Security Animal Disease Institute, a campaign to kill these birds was started after confirmation of bird flu infection in both the districts. Also Read – #BirdFlu: As soon as the news of bird flu broke, the dam of the people was broken, said – now what is this new rule …

Kerala government approved compensation to duck farmers

The minister said, “The state cabinet met today to decide on the compensation of farmers for killing birds.” Compensation of 200 rupees will be given for every bird that is killed more than two months and 100-100 rupees for birds less than two months old. ”He said that for eggs that have been destroyed, per egg Five rupees will be compensated.

However, the farmers’ organizations are not satisfied with this decision and they said that they are the animal husbandry minister K.K. Will petition Raju Raju is in Alappuzha to meet with duck farmers to discuss further progress and to prevent the spread of the disease.

With the outbreak of bird flu, the state government is very cautious and the minister has held several meetings with animal husbandry officials and veterinarians. Radhakrishnan, Alappuzha district president of the Duck Farmers Association, said, “The compensation announced by the state government is nominal and it will not help us. We want the government to pay at least double the amount for the basic survival of our business. ”

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