Bird Flu in India 2021 Latest Updates: Bird flu causes panic, ban on sale of poultry and eggs in many states, alert issued

Bird Flu in India 2021 Latest Updates: Amidst the corona epidemic, the fear of bird flu is increasing in many states of India. Along with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, Kerala is now under the grip of bird flu. Kerala has declared it till a state disaster. Hundreds of birds have been reported dead in the last few days in many states. In view of this, with the issuance of alerts, the state governments have increased the activity to control the situation. Also Read – Bird flu confirmed in MP, after the death of crows in several districts of the state, the government issued an alert

A large number of chickens died in these states Also Read – Bird Flu knock in Himachal, no entry of tourists after the death of birds in Pong lake, sale of Poultry product banned

376 crows have died in Madhya Pradesh from 23 December to 3 January. The maximum of these 142 deaths occurred in Indore. Bird flu has been confirmed in samples sent from Indore and Mandsaur. Also Read – Bird Flu: After Madhya Pradesh-Rajasthan, Kerala also has knock of bird flu, know what are its symptoms and preventive measures …

Reports of thousands of migratory birds killed in the Pong Dam lake in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh have come back positive. Bird flu has been found to be the cause of death of these birds. Samples of the slaughtered migratory birds were sent to a lab in Bhopal, whose report confirmed H5N1 (bird flu)

There is a fear of avian flu in the area due to mysterious chickens dying in the Barwala area of ​​Haryana. About one lakh poultry and chickens have died here. The process of killing chickens mysteriously began on 5 December.

The risk of bird flu is also seen in Junagadh, Gujarat. Here, near the Batwa of Manavadar Tehsil, 53 birds were stirred to meet in dead condition. The forest department fears that the death of these birds may be due to bird flu.

Bird flu cases have also been found in many districts of Rajasthan. Bird flu was first confirmed in Jhalawar. Hundreds of crows were killed here. After which now news of the death of crows is also coming fast in Kota, Pali, Jaipur, Baran and Jodhpur.

For the first time on 25 December, crows were reported dead in Jhalawar, after which samples were sent to Bhopal lab to check the causes of death on 27 December. During the investigation, there was confirmation of bird flu.

Bird flu reaches Kerala

In the states of North and Central India, where the bird flu is increasing, the flu has knocked in the south. Bird flu has been confirmed in Alappuzha and Kottayam districts of Kerala. Administration has been alerted on bird flu cases, so far about 1700 ducks have died.

Ban on sale of chicken and eggs

Not only birds but humans can also be affected by this disease caused by avian influenza virus. In this situation, due to caution, the sale of fish, poultry and eggs has been banned in Himachal Pradesh. Its virus enters the body of humans through eyes, mouth and nose.

These are the symptoms

Bird flu symptoms are usually similar to those of the common flu. H5N1 is the flu that attacks the lungs of the bird. This increases the risk of pneumonia. Breathlessness, sore throat, high fever, muscle and abdominal pain are its symptoms. Chest pain and diarrhea are also symptoms of this.

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