BJP manifesto 2020: NDA government formed in Bihar, Corona vaccine free, BJP took 11 resolutions …

BJP manifesto 2020: The Bharatiya Janata Party has released its manifesto on Thursday for the Bihar assembly elections. In Patna in the presence of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and BJP leaders, the BJP released its manifesto giving the name of the resolution letter. In this manifesto, the BJP has made 11 big resolutions and claimed to fulfill many promises on coming to power. New slogans have also been given by the BJP, including ‘BJP is to trust’ and ‘5 sutras, one goal, 11 resolutions’. Also Read – Adityanath give proof of being a true yogi, he does not know how I went about India by going to Pakistan: Owaisi

People of Bihar will get corona vaccine for free Also Read – As soon as the father’s Shraddhakaram is performed, the lamp is filled with election, the mother blessed the son with a vaccine

While issuing BJP’s election manifesto in Patna, Nirmala Sitharaman said that we have taken a step towards making vaccine of corona virus and we are constantly moving towards that. On completion of the work of this vaccine, the people of Bihar will be provided Corona vaccines for free. Also Read – VIDEO: Aishwarya’s daughter-in-law Aishwarya will increase the odds of stunning! Blessed by touching CM Nitish’s leg

Nitish Kumar will become CM again

Nirmala Sitharaman told the media that until the corona vaccine is not available, the mask is the vaccine. But as soon as the vaccine arrives, its production will be done on a large scale in India. Along with this, he appealed to the public to win the NDA and also said that we will put our resolve on the ground. Nitish Kumar will be our CM.

BJP has made these 11 promises for Bihar in the resolution letter….
1. Corona vaccine free vaccine to every Bihar resident.
2. To make medical, engineering and other technical education available in Hindi language.
3. In one year, three lakh new teachers will be recruited in the entire state.
4. The next generation IT hub will provide five lakh jobs in five years.
5. Will make one crore women self-reliant.
6. One lakh people will get jobs in Health Department as well as start Darbhanga AIIMS by 2024.
7. After paddy and wheat, pulses will also be procured at MSP rates.
8. Promise of 30 million people with pucca house by 2022.
9. Promise to set up 15 new processing industries in 2 years. 10. Will increase the production of freshwater fish.
11. Farmer Produce Associations will form a chain of better supply, which will generate 10 lakh jobs.