BJP spends most on Facebook advertising, Congress and AAP also included in the list


new Delhi: Recently, there was a ruckus about the disputed post on Facebook. It was not even a halt that some new figures have come out again. The Bharatiya Janata Party has spent Rs 4.61 crore for Facebook Ads since February 2019, while Rs 1.84 crore has been spent by the Congress on social media to advertise. The BJP has been Facebook’s biggest advertiser on social, political and electoral matters for the last 18 months. Also Read – Who is Syed Jafar Islam, who was rewarded by BJP for ‘hard work’, got Rajya Sabha ticket

According to data released by The Indian Express, 4 out of the top 10 advertisers in this category are associated with the BJP, out of which three are people who according to the tracker share the address of the ruling party headquarters in Delhi in the same residence. The address of the three is stated to be the same. Out of these 4 people, 2 people run community pages on Facebook, like- My first opinion is to Modi, Bharat Ki Mann Ki Baat, Nation with Modi, etc. The type of pages are run by the other 2 people. Also Read – Corona: After CM Kejriwal, now BJP also raised demand for running Delhi Metro, said- ‘Lifeline’ of people starts

In this list of 10 people, 10 people are such that some people are related to Aam Aadmi Party, according to the data, the total advertising expenditure of Facebook India has been Rs 59.65 crore since February 2019. These advertisements were not only limited to apps or websites, but were also shown on other platforms of Facebook like Instagram, audience network, messenger etc. Significantly, recently the American newspaper claimed that Facebook is working under the pressure of the ruling party in India. The matter is still going on in this regard. Also Read – Madhya Pradesh: Former minister Jayawardhan’s big claim – 35 MLA for every MLA leaving Congress, sold at a big price


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