BJP’s helplessness, Nitish’s support is important: Running a coalition government of four parties will be a big challenge for Nitish

Bihar Election Results: NDA government is going to be formed in Bihar. Nitish Kumar is going to assume power of the state once again. The Bharatiya Janata Party had announced before the election that if NDA gets a majority, Nitish Kumar will become the chief minister. In such a situation, the BJP is keeping its promise. Apart from this, allies who came together before the election will also get their rights. There are also indications. Also Read – Bihar Politics LIVE Updates: Political stir in Bihar, who will become CM, NDA meeting in a while, know the results of MLC election

The NDA family had grown before the Bihar assembly elections. In which Jitan Ram Manjhi and Mukesh Sahni came out of the grand alliance and joined the NDA. We have won four seats after the election results are announced and the Vikas Insan Party has got five seats. However, the head of this party himself has lost the election. At the same time, Jitanram Manjhi, the subject of ours, has succeeded in becoming an MLA. Also Read – Nitish Kumar said – BJP can decide about LJP’s stay in NDA

Nitish Kumar is going to take over the power of Bihar on the strength of the pre-election alliance partners. But, BJP workers want that the Chief Minister should belong to their party, because their seats have increased more. But the central leadership has given the green signal to Nitish Kumar to take oath. Actually, the central leadership does not want to repeat the mistake made in Maharashtra. Also Read – Tejashwi Yadav is afraid of persecution, some MLAs of Grand Alliance may rebel

The Maharashtra Shiv Sena and the BJP had been contesting the elections together, but in the last assembly election, the Shiv Sena said that this time the agreement was half-and-half. That means the Shiv Sena will be the Chief Minister for two and a half years and BJP will be the Chief Minister for two and a half years. Right now the BJP government was running with the Shiv Sena, so this time we will become our Chief Minister first, after that we will leave the BJP for two and a half years. But the BJP did not pay attention to Shiv Sena. In such a situation, the Shiv Sena decided to break the alliance with the BJP and formed a government with the Congress-NCP.

Now this kind of experiment should not be repeated anywhere in Bihar, for this, the BJP wants to step up very loudly. BJP has got 74 seats this time in Bihar. If the BJP decides to contest the next assembly elections alone then some compromises may have to be made. Nitish is a compulsion for him in Bihar and also necessary in the center.

Nitish Kumar always gets accusations that he always used some party to become the Chief Minister. He first went to the elections with BJP, then RJD and again with BJP. Experts conclude that they know that ‘Yen ken type’ to remain in power. Nitish has no other choice.

However, Nitish Kumar is considered an expert in politics of pressure. Therefore, they also change their face with pressure. The last time i.e. during the 2015 elections, Nitish Kumar left the BJP and was part of the grand alliance. After winning the election, his party’s position was number two, but the RJD, considering his seniority and considering it a sacrifice to prevent the BJP from forming the government, put him on the chair. But it was already being speculated that it was a mismatch coalition, would not last long and there were constant efforts from BJP to break the alliance of JDU and RJD. The BJP finally succeeded in its mission. But on behalf of JDU, it was said publicly that Nitish Kumar was facing difficulties in running the government. There was a lot of pressure on him. They were unable to work openly. Therefore, it was necessary to leave the RJD.

But this time there can be a lot of pressure on Nitish Kumar from last time. The first thing is that this time there will be an alliance of four parties. In which we and Mukesh Sahni will have a party. These are the parties which have very less number of MLAs. But if any one moves, a majority crisis will arise in front of them. Therefore, it will always continue to create problems for Nitish to fulfill his demands and wishes. Apart from this, they may also get a rebuke from the BJP that we are a big party, yet have made you the Chief Minister. Now what will Nitish have the answer to all these things? It will be known only in the future. But at this time, taking advantage of the options available to Nitish, once again he is going to take over the power of the state.

Apart from this, from time to time, on behalf of the largest party of the state or on behalf of the grand alliance, Jeetan Ram Manjhi and Mukesh Sahni will continue to be lured that we give this to you, they give. That is, Lollipop will be shown. In such a situation, in Bihar, this time the work of development can be seen less and political upheaval.

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