Black Adam confirms its premiere date on HBO Max after passing through movie theaters


After its irregular passage through movie theaters, Warner Bros. has confirmed the release date of Black Adam on HBO Max. The latest film starring Dwayne Johnson can be enjoyed on the platform by all subscribers starting next December 16.

The news of the HBO Max release of Black Adam comes just after several sources pointed to the possibility that the film has lost money in its run in theaters, in what could be considered a less than optimal result. Variety commented that the film could result in a loss of between 50 and 100 million dollars to the company based on its current revenue and counting its budget and additional marketing spend.

These results, which are probably far from what Warner Bros. expected from a major superhero movie starring one of the most profitable actors in the industry in recent years, will also have influenced DC’s internal restructuring. A few weeks ago we learned that James Gunn, director of Suicide Squad and The Peacemaker, together with producer Peter Safran, became the new CEOs of DC Studios.

This same week we knew that Wonder Woman 3, projects like a possible Black Adam 2 or even The Man of Steel 2 could have been dismissed by James Gunn and Peter Safran, in what seems to be a long-term plan of ten years where all the DC elements, beyond even the movies and series, will coexist in the same universe in the same style as Marvel.

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