Black Adam data in its second week at the box office, where it shows its power again


Black Adam has won at the box office for the second time in a row and has raised more than 250 million dollars Worldwide.

As reported by Variety, Black Adam suffered a decrease of 59% compared to its premiere, raising 140 million dollars. The descent is very much in line with other films in the genre of superheroes. For example, Thor: Love & Thunder saw a 68% drop after its opening weekend, Shang-Chi fell 52%, and Eternals dropped 61%.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney's Ticket to Paradise also continues to impress.

Black Adam didn’t have much new competition this weekend, as Journey to Paradise was the only new movie to crack the top five (third place to be exact) with $7 million.

Like last week, Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s Voyage to Paradise came in second place with a respectable $10 million, down just 39% from last weekend. Smile and Halloween: The Finale rounded out the top five and contributed to three of last weekend’s top five movies being in the horror genre on Halloween.

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