Black Desert Online increases the number of new players by 165% after the latest changes


Various classes available in the game have been reset, adding to a host of interesting updates.

Black Desert Online continues to give a lot of itself, and this is shown by the latest data. Although from Pearl Abyss have concentrated on the improved version for PS5 and Xbox Series, users are increasingly attracted to its content. Because, although the MMORPG is already very popular within the genre, it has just increased its number of new users by 165% arriving to more than 40 million daily logins.

The game registers more than 40 million daily loginsFrom the developer they have several theories about this phenomenon, since they attribute all the success to the set of content released in recent weeks. On the one hand, various classes available in the title have been restarted and enriched with unprecedented improvements, something that adds to new options in the basic appearance of the characters each time they level up.

Black Desert Online

However, the developer has implemented more new features that could also have caused the increase in users. On the one hand, the game has not stopped receiving content updates, although the popularity of the season server is not ruled out either. Be that as it may, this is a cause for celebration, and from Pearl Abyss they want to celebrate the entry of players with a small gift: to copy objects, we will only need 1 Marni’s Unstable Fuel. This change will be active until February 2.

Of course, Black Desert Online has captivated all MMORPG lovers, both for its general mechanics and for details that enhance the gaming experience. Not for nothing do we value its character creation tool, which has allowed us to experiment to seemingly impossible levels. If you are curious about this game, keep in mind that in our analysis we have highlighted its intense combat, its spectacular graphics and the variety of activities beyond the battles.

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