Black Spot Season 3 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?


The name “Black Spot” sounds like it would be a scary title for a fictional show. However, once we get into the main plot of the show, we all know that it is not just scary, but so scary that you will get shivers with every episode we have seen so far. The first two seasons of the show were pretty well liked by fans, and if we look at the ratings, we can see that it has a 7.4 IMDb rating, which is pretty good. Aside from that, when we get to the show’s main story, we’ll have to go into the Villefranche neighborhoods, which are quite uninhabitable at this point.

For those who don’t know anything about this show, it’s mostly about a series of murders or deaths that have occurred in the neighborhood, and most of them have happened in the woods, which are forbidden in some way. The inspector and prosecutor who just took over the case can’t keep quiet, so they’ve decided to look into the whole thing.

Black Spot Season 3 Renewal Status

Since the first two seasons came out, we’ve had to wait a long time, and Netflix still hasn’t told us anything about what will happen next. Even though some people have said that the show should be canceled and the studios haven’t said anything yet, there’s always a chance that the show will be renewed.

Black Spot Season 3 Cast

  • Anne Suarez as Léa Steiner
  • Suliane Brahim as Laurène Weiss
  • Naidra Ayadi as Leila Barami
  • Brigitte Sy as Sabine Hennequin
  • Laurent Capelluto as Franck Siriani
  • Dan Herzberg as Gaspard Bellan
  • Renaud Rutten as Louis Hermann
  • Tiphaine Davio as Camille Laugier
  • Camille Aguilar as Cora Weiss
  • Hubert Delattre as Martial Ferrandis
  • Samuel Jouy as Bertrand Steiner
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What does the show all about?

Even though we don’t want to give away the whole storyline of the show, we did want to explain what it’s about and what it’s about. The small made-up town of Villefranche is the setting for the story in this series. There aren’t many people living there, and it’s very dark and gloomy because it’s encircled by thick forests and doesn’t get much sunlight. Aside from the hard conditions of living in the small town, there has been a sudden spike in the number of deaths because the number of murders has been going up. Even reports say that the number of murders there is 6 times higher than the average for the whole country.

The series then explores the life of the head of the police department, Major Laurène Weiss. Since there is always trouble in the small town, all Weiss wants to do is figure out what is going on and why so many people are being killed. She is eventually joined by Franck Sirani, who has been sent to look into the case and figure out what is going on.

Black Spot Season 3 Story

We don’t know much about the story of the next season of the show because the studio hasn’t told us anything and our sources haven’t been able to find out anything either. Based on how the first season went, we’ll get a brief look at the characters’ pasts again, just like we did before. The DNA mystery, which got tied to Laurene, may end up making the mystery even bigger.

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There is also a possibility that if the 3rd season of the show eventually arrives, it will be the last season of the series. This means that the story will move very quickly, and the woods, which have been a mystery, or the creature of the woods, which has been responsible for all the murders, will finally show its face to everybody in the end.

Where can I watch Black Spot?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Black Spot are now available on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Is there a trailer for Black Spot Season 3?

Not yet, no. Since we don’t know when Season 3 will come out for sure, there isn’t a trailer for the show yet. But until the third season comes out, you should watch the first and second seasons of the show on Netflix.

Black Spot Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the show arrived out in 2017, and the second season came out in 2019. There were eight episodes in each season, for a total of 16 episodes in the series. But based on the dates of release, it seemed likely that the 3rd season of the television series would come out in 2020.

But we didn’t get any new information, and since then, the studios have been pretty quiet about the whole thing. There is a chance that the show will come out in 2023, but if it does, it will be in the last quarter of that year. We haven’t heard anything else about season 3 from the production team yet. If there is a third season, it will also only have eight episodes.

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