Black Widow: Disney remains committed to theatrical release


It is not yet clear what will happen to the premiere of Black widow. And we are not referring to the release date itself, which could still suffer some other delay (it will depend on the vaccines), but rather to the way in which it will be released.

And if you are one of those users who is looking forward to the premiere taking place where it was originally planned (movie theaters around the world), today you will have reason to be a little more hopeful. According to new reports, having the film released on the big screen remains a priority for Disney.

Anyway, the information (published by THR), makes it clear that, although that is the priority right now, the plans could still change. Especially judging by the words that Bob Chape, CEO of the company, said when addressing investors recently:

“We still intend for it to be a theatrical release. We are going to look very closely to see if that strategy needs to be revised.”.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Disney has been experimenting with different modes of broadcast since we are in a pandemic situation (many theaters in the United States are closed right now). They first tried offering Mulan exclusively on Disney +. But it was low at a fairly high price. And it didn’t work.

And more recently they have launched Soul on the platform, at no additional cost to subscribers. However, with Black Widow the issue is different. With many fans (and Marvel itself) wanting the film to be seen in theaters. And since so far it has not been possible in the best conditions, the film has been delayed. But now Disney might be thinking of other alternative ways to fix the problem. Of course, we will be attentive to tell you any news about it.

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