Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Duet Love Is Alive Is A Tribute To The Judds


Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Duet Love Is Alive Is A Tribute To The Judds:

Gwen Stefani said upon her Instagram account upon Friday that she is going to put out a cover of The Judds’ song “Love Is Alive.” “Love Is Alive” by Blake Shelton is out today and can be found everywhere.

Stefani wrote in the post’s title, “Recording this song through @thejuddsofficial was such a privilege as well as an amazing chance.

We hope you enjoy it,” The singer, who is 53 years old, shared a film of herself within a recording studio showing how young her skin looked.

In her post, the Grammy winner put the names of everyone who helped make the tape. She added her husband Shelton, music director Scott Hendricks, The Judds, which are Naomi Judd’s late daughter Wynonna Judd and her oldest daughter Ashley Judd, and The Judds.

In The Video That Stefani Posted On Instagram, She Could Be Seen Going Into Henson Recording Studios:

In the video, Stefani wears a white tank top, green cargo-patterned pants, a light green bomber jacket, as well as a knitted black outer coat to show off her youthful looks.

Stefani posted a video to Instagram that showed her walking into Henson Recording Studios within Los Angeles, California, where she and Shelton recorded their song.

Gwen Stefani said, “I’ve always liked The Judds, and I’m so happy to be on this album with them.” “Love Is Alive” is a well-known song, and playing it with Blake was a great way to respect their classic music.

Blake Shelton Stated That The Judds Are Among The Best Country Groups Of Our Time:

“One of the best country bands of our time is The Judds. “The 1980s were my favorite time for country music, and I’ve been performing Judd songs for as long as I can remember,” said Blake Shelton.

“‘Love Is Alive’ was on their first record, and we wanted to stay fairly faithful to the original version, as well as Gwen just nails the singing. We’re excited to be on this record of tributes.”

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Brent Maher, who made the new version of this song, said that Blake Shelton as well as Gwen Stefani are the right pair to sing it.

Brent Maher Said That Re-Recording This Great Song By Kent Robbins Was A Real Treat:

“It was such a treat to record again this great song by Kent Robbins. I have nothing bad to say about Gwen’s voice, and Blake’s chorus parts are great. Brent Maher said, “I’m so happy with how this recording worked out.

“I think Don Potter’s guitar part and Eddie Bayers’ groove got to the heart of what the song was about in the beginning.

The electric guitar played by Richard Bennett and the keyboards played by Bobby Ogdin gave this song the new sound we were going for. The deal was sealed by Glen Worf’s bass part.”

The video then switches to an editing tool that lets four short clips play at once. Stefani shows her fans what the interior of Henson Recording Studios looks like. Different recording tools, a sitting area, as well as the recording room were shown in the video.

This Cover Is The Fifth Duet Between Shelton And Stefani:

The video then shows Stefani within the recording room, wearing big black headphones as well as standing within front of a black music stand alongside a sheet of the song words on it.

This is Shelton as well as Stefani’s fifth duet together, after their chart-topping hits “Nobody But You” as well as “Happy Anywhere,” in addition to their Christmas song “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”

“Love Is Alive” will be upon Tribute To The Judds, a collection of songs celebrating 40 years of the famous country pair The Judds.

The 53-year-old went on to tell her nearly seventeen million Instagram followers what songs she was working on and how excited she was to work with Hendricks, whom she called a “legend,” again.

Gwen Stefani Stated That Working Alongside Her Husband Is A Dream Came True:

She also talked about how happy she was to be collaborating with her husband once more and told what was different about this project compared to the ones they had worked on before.

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“This is the initial time Blake will ever sing chorus with the lead I’m singing. Stefani said, “It’s been such as a dream coming true to do it.”

Shelton and Stefani won’t be the only artists on the upcoming tribute album. Wynonna Judd, Ashley McBryde, Barnett, Lynne, and West, Blake Shelton, Carl Perkins, Carly Pearce, Cody Johnson, Dolly Parton, Ella Langley, Gabby Barrett, Jamey Johnson, Jelly Roll, Jennifer Nettles, K. Michelle, Lainey Wilson, LeAnn Rimes, Megan Moroney, Molly Tuttle, O

The Sweet Escape Singer Also Talked About How ‘Honored’ She Is To Do A Cover Version Of The Judds Single:

Every act on A Tribute To The Judds will add their own unique musical style to the well-known songs of The Judds. This makes for an interesting salute for one of the most loved and influential duos in the world.

The singer of Sweet Escape also talked about how “honored” she felt to cover The Judds’ song. “When you do a copy, you always discover that you can’t do as well as the original. The 53-year-old man said, “There’s no way.”

Brent Maher, the original producer of The Judds and winner of six Grammys, worked on every track on the tribute record except “Cry Myself to Sleep,” which was made by Wynonna Judd’s husband and four-time CMA winner Cactus Moser.

On October 27, A Tribute To The Judds Will Begin To Come Out:

This is Stefani and Shelton’s fifth song they’ve made together. The music power couple’s version of “Love is Alive” will be on the upcoming album “A Tribute to The Judds,” which is a tribute to the famous mother-daughter country duo The Judds.

On their version of the track, Stefani and Shelton pay tribute to the original song from The Judds’ 1984 hit record while also giving it a pop-country twist.

In celebration of Naomi as well as Wynonna Judd’s 40th anniversary of being a singing team, “A Tribute to the Judds” is set to come out on October 27.

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When Galante Worked With The Judds Before, They Won Five Grammy Awards And Did A Lot Of Other Amazing Things:

The Judds have been together for 40 years since they signed with RCA Records. Joe Galante was the project’s chief director and he and Renee Bell were also very important to the making of the record.

Galante’s previous work with The Judds led to a number of amazing successes, such as six multi-platinum studio records, five Grammy Awards, 9 CMA Awards, eight ACM Awards, as well as an honorable entry into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Judds have won five Grammy Awards as well as 9 Country Music Association Awards, making them one of the most popular groups in country music history. On May 1, 2022, the two musicians were admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Naomi was unable to see the event, though, because she killed herself the day before, upon the 30th of April 2022, after a long fight alongside her mental health. She had turned 76.

Naomi’s Death By Suicide Shocked The Whole World, And Even Though The Country Music Hall Of Fame Offered To Honor Her:

“It’s so wonderful that all of these artists, most of whom are my friends, got together to remake these songs with their sounds and skills. Wynonna Judd said in a statement, “These songs are truly timeless, which is why I am so happy that they will live upon for generations to come.”

“I wish everyone who likes this music could have been in the studio with us when we made these songs. It’s hard to explain what it was like to re-record these Judd songs. There was joy, fire, and some sad times.

Naomi’s suicide shocked everyone, and even though the Country Music Hall of Fame offered to postpone the award celebration, Wynonna and Ashley asked that it go on as planned. Ashley joined her older half-sister onstage when The Judds were officially admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.