Blizzard bets on Diablo Immortal and details what its update strategy will be


Approximately every two weeks we will have news in the free to play for PC and mobile devices.

Despite the controversy that has been generated around Diablo Immortal for its business model, everything points to the free to play it’s working great for Blizzardmore after knowing from those responsible that the game has exceeded 30 million downloads on the platforms on which it is available.

There will be content every two weeksDue to this good performance, Blizzard wanted to detail through a post published on the game’s official blog that they intend to update it with free news every two weeks approximately, either through larger or smaller contents.

Mini-updates will offer additions like Battle Pass seasons, in-game events, or feature updates, while larger updates will bring new gameplay features and free story expansionsplus other events and more content.

Diablo Immortal

News from this Thursday

To kick off this update strategy, tomorrow, Thursday, August 4, Season 3 battle pass will be enabled, which will end on September 1 and will be divided into 40 levels with different challenges and rewards. In addition, it will have two paid versions.

The first is the boosted battle passwhich will have all the rewards of the normal battle pass along with additional ones and access to the Aspect of Justice appearance for weapons and armor at levels 1 and 40. For its part, the collector’s boosted battle pass includes everything listed above, but also adds an Aspect of Justice avatar frame, portal cosmetic, and ten free levels upon purchase.

It has two paid battle passesLikewise, a new daily event is added that bears the name Invasion of the Iranateswhere every day we can face hordes of elite demons and Gorgothra, and the temporary event Hungry Moon will be held between August 12 and 15 with items that can be exchanged for blessings.

We will continue to pay attention to the next steps of a Diablo Immortal that seems capable of the best and the worst, although Blizzard will be satisfied to see that in just eight weeks it has already generated more than 100 million dollars only counting the versions of mobile devices.

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