BlizzCon 2021: Hearthstone kicks off the Year of the Gryphon with Forged in the Wastes expansion


The Year of the Phoenix is ​​gone and the Year of the Griffin it happens in Hearthstone. The Blizzard Card Game is unveiled for a new season packed with new features and content, starting today with pre-purchase of the new expansion.

Coinciding with the beginning of the Year of the Griffin comes the launch of the New Hearthstone Essentials set, replacing the previous Basic and Classic sets, and containing 235 selected cards (including new and existing cards), giving a fresh air to the game for both veteran and new players.

Later this year will come Hearthstone Mercenaries, a new competitive game mode Single-player game that invites players to build and upgrade teams of Azeroth’s mightiest heroes and put them to the test in a series of game-changing tactical battles. Players will see their mercenaries gain experience, gear, new abilities, and become into more powerful versions of themselves in randomly generated and fully replayable roguelike missions.

Of course, nothing better than a complete new expansion to properly kick off this Year of the Griffin. Forged in the Wastes go back to the roots of World of Warcraft to introduce 135 all-new cards inspired by the characters and stories that define this ungrateful yet beloved place. In addition to new keywords and new mechanics, Forged in the Wastes will introduce 10 legendary mercenary minions, each from a different class in Hearthstone.

Also with the Year of the Griffin comes the classic Hearthstone format, inviting players to experience the game as it was when it appeared in 2014. Along with the standard and wild, the classic format will be available, with its own rewards and rankings, and will include the original Hearthstone cards as they appeared at the time.

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If you log into Hearthstone when patch 19.6 is available, you will receive free Shadow Hunter Vol’jin, a legendary minion with which you can play immediately.