Bloodhounds Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know


Bloodhounds Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

The gritty South Korean action drama Bloodhounds took Netflix by storm in 2023 with its intense plot and incredible performances. The story of former marines Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin, who fought against a ruthless loan shark preying on the desperate, instantly captivated fans. After the dramatic conclusion of season 1, viewers have been clamoring for more, and it appears that their wishes may come true. Netflix has renewed Bloodhounds for a second season, according to reports. Let’s dive into what we know so far about this highly anticipated next installment.

The first season was a massive hit, spending five weeks on Netflix’s global non-English top 10 list, including a stint at #1. Its viewership numbers were through the roof, amassing nearly 28 million hours watched in just the first three days of release. Clearly, audiences were enthralled by the tense storylines, thrilling action sequences, and intimate bromance between the two lead actors. A season 2 renewal seems like a no-brainer for the streaming giant.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Release Date:

Sources report that Bloodhounds Season 2 will begin filming in the latter half of 2024, although Netflix has not yet officially announced a premiere date. If the production timeline follows a similar schedule to season 1, which took around 18 months from filming to release, we could potentially see the new episodes arrive on Netflix sometime in early 2026.

Of course, this is just an estimated window; the actual release date will depend on the production process. Netflix has a strong incentive to expedite the release of the show’s next chapter, leveraging the current buzz and viewership momentum.

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Bloodhounds Series Storyline Overview: 

For those new to the series, Bloodhounds centers around former Korean marines Geon-woo and Woo-jin, who form an unlikely partnership with a philanthropic lender named Choi Tae-ho. A vicious loan shark company named Smile Capital traps Geon-woo’s mother in a cycle of predatory lending, prompting the trio to devise a plan to dismantle the corrupt organization from within.

Utilizing their boxing skills and military training, the two young men pull off daring heists and infiltration missions to steal back funds illegally obtained by Smile Capital’s CEO, Kim Myeong-gil. Their quest becomes extremely personal and perilous, as the villainous Myeong-gil will stop at nothing, even murder, to protect his empire.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Expected Storyline:

Season 1 wrapped up the central conflict quite definitively, with Geon-woo and Woo-jin succeeding in taking down Myeong-gil and freeing Geon-woo’s mother from debt. So where could a potential season 2 take the story?

One possibility is that it could go deeper into the backstories of the two lead characters, exploring their histories before they crossed paths. This would allow the series to remain centered on Geon-woo and Woo-jin while expanding the narrative world.

Alternatively, the show may pick up with Geon-woo and Woo-jin in new roles, potentially even working alongside or for the benevolent Choi Tae-ho. With the loan shark villain defeated, they could crusade against a new corrupt threat preying on the vulnerable. There’s also potential for a romantic storyline to develop between Geon-woo and Choi’s foster daughter, Hyun-joo.

Bloodhounds Series List of Cast Members

  • Woo Do-hwan as Kim Geon-woo
  • Lee Sang-yi as Hong Woo-jin
  • Park Sung-woong as Kim Myeong-gil
  • Huh Joon-ho as Choi Tae-ho
  • Kim Sae-ron as Cha Hyun-joo
  • Yoon Yoo-sun as Yoon So-yeon
  • Lee Hae-yeong as Hwang Yang-jung
  • Min Kyung-jin as Oh In-mook
  • Choi Young-joon as Min Kang-yong
  • Park Ye-ni as Kang Tae-young
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Bloodhounds Season 2 List of Episodes:

We have not yet announced the episode titles and counts for Bloodhounds Season 2, as the season is still in its early stages. Season 1 consisted of 8 hour-long episodes.

  • Episode No. 1: Episode 1
  • Episode No. 2: Episode 2
  • Episode No. 3: Episode 3
  • Episode No. 4:: Episode 4
  • Episode No. 5: Episode 5
  • Episode No. 6:: Episode 6
  • Episode No. 7:: Episode 7
  • Episode No. 8: Episode 8

Bloodhounds Series Creators Team:

Kim Joo-hwan, who also wrote the series, directs Bloodhounds. It is based on Jeong Chan’s webtoon (Korean comic) of the same name. Kwon Mi-kyung produces the show, while Studio N, Seed Film, and Seven Osix serve as the production companies.

Kim Joo-hwan is a critically acclaimed filmmaker, having directed movies like The Commune (2017) and Mapado: Age of Wish (2016). Bloodhounds represents his first foray into a television series. The show’s gritty realism and intense action set pieces have earned him widespread praise.

On the production side, Studio N is a major Korean studio behind popular series like The Glory and My Liberation Notes. Seed Film and Seven Osix are also respected production houses that have worked on acclaimed K-dramas like Juvenile Justice and Narco-Saints.

Where to Watch Bloodhounds Season 2?

Season 2 of Bloodhounds, a Netflix original series, will exclusively stream on Netflix upon its release. The first season is currently streaming in its entirety on the platform for those looking to catch up before the new episodes.

Netflix has doubled down on its Korean content offerings in recent years, with big investments in original K-dramas, movies, reality shows, and more. Bloodhounds has been one of their biggest Korean drama hits, so securing season 2 exclusively makes total sense for the streamer.

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Bloodhounds Season 2 Trailer Release Date:

As of now, there is no set release date for a season 2 trailer for Bloodhounds. If the new season begins filming later in 2024, as reported, fans likely won’t see an official trailer until mid-to-late 2025 at the earliest.

Netflix typically starts ramping up marketing and promotion around 2–6 months before a series releases with trailer drops, teasers, and more. The first season’s main trailer hit about a month prior to the June 2023 premiere.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Final Words: 

While we still have quite a while to wait, the prospect of Bloodhounds returning for a second season is incredibly exciting for fans of the action-packed crime drama. The first season was an absolute thrill ride, with unpredictable twists, jaw-dropping fight sequences, and complex emotional arcs.

At its core, however, the magic ingredient was the bromance between the leads, Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi, who played Geon-woo and Woo-jin. Their palpable chemistry and comradery made you invest in their struggles and triumphs. Seeing them potentially reunite on screen is a dream for viewers.

Of course, with the resolution of the first chapter’s storyline, the new season will need to recapture that electric energy while charting a fresh, compelling narrative course. The creative team definitely has their work cut out for them. But if they can tap into that same gritty intensity and moving relationship dynamics that made Bloodhounds so riveting initially, season 2 could be another monster hit.