“Blue Beetle” Looks Like It Will Fly To A $30M U.S. Opening


“Blue Beetle” Looks Like It Will Fly To A $30M U.S. Opening:

Last August, there wasn’t much going on after Sony’s Bullet Train came out, but this August seems to be going strong even though the WGA as well as SAG-AFTRA strikes are still going on and many stars aren’t allowed to promote themselves.

Blue Beetle, from Warner Bros. and DC, has been tracking alongside an eye upon a $30 million opening on August 18. With Blue Beetle, Warner Bros. is offering Latino and Hispanic viewers what might be the first superhero movie for the big screen.

The Movie Was Originally Planned For The HBO Max:

The movie was originally planned for the streaming service HBO Max. It was made while DC Walter Hamada was in charge, but it was moved to the theaters quite quickly.

The movie directed by Angel Manuel Soto is a big hit with Latino as well as Hispanic viewers right now, and the movie’s awareness is rising faster than that of Sony’s Gran Turismo.

right Now This Estimate Start Of The Flash Less Than The $55 Million:

True, this estimate is less than the $55 million start of The Flash, whose cast didn’t do much to promote it, and the $30.1 million start of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, but keep in mind that movies that target Hispanic and Latino moviegoers may over-index within their first weekends because of walk-up business.

The Meg 2 did the same thing this weekend: ComScore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak showed that 25% of Hispanic and Latino audiences went to see The Trench, which was more than what was expected.

Xolo Maridueña Is Joining The Huge DC World:

When Blue Beetle comes out in theaters, it will not only be his first time as a superhero, but also his first big movie ever. The young actor has done great work on shows such as Cobra Kai as well as Parenthood, yet now he’s joining the huge DC world as the young hero Jaime Reyes.

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It’s the first DC movie to be about a Latino hero, as well as it’s the big-screen debut of Jaime, a fan-favorite comic book character who gets superpowers when he meets the Scarab, an advanced piece of alien technology.

At first, Blue Beetle was going to be released on HBO Max, but then it was changed to a theater release. Now, Mariduea says that he is eager to see Palmera City upon the biggest screen possibly in the movie.

This genre movie’s opening weekend of $30 million is about the same as Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel, which made $28.5 million in its first three days of release in February 2019.

Blue Beetle Is 38% More Aware On Her Own Than Alita Is:

Right now, Blue Beetle is 38% more aware on her own than Alita is. Blue Beetle’s solo is additionally 83% higher than Meg 2’s at the same time, which shows even more potential.

Note that Meg 2 had a good start at the box office without any cast interviews because of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Blue Beetle is in the same situation this month.

Warner Bros. Has Put Ads For Blue Beetle On All Of The Barbie Movies:

Warner Bros. has put ads for Blue Beetle on all of the Barbie movies and on most of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movies.

TV spot tracker iSpot shows that TV spots for Blue Beetle have been airing on ABC, Univision, NBC, Fox, and AMC since April. These spots have been shown during NBA games, America’s Got Talent, MLB games, Eternamente Amandonos, as well as Celebrity Family Feud, among other shows.

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There Are Also 35 Million TV Ad Impressions From Cross-Promotional Ads:

There are also 35 million TV ad impressions from cross-promotional ads with Reese’s, in addition to 4 million TV ad impressions from Univision alone. Strays, a talking dog comedy from Universal that has a R rating, opens against Blue Beetle and is expected to do well among teens.

One of the biggest differences between our story and the superhero movies I’ve seen and loved is that Jaime gets his superpowers for the initial moment in front of his family.

I think it keeps the story real and honest from the start. Once I’m not trying to hide from my parents that I’m Blue Beetle, it’s such a fun ride. It’s a trip that the whole family may embark on.

I can relate to that, to be honest. Many of my life’s big moments, whether they were positive or negative, were shared with my family. That’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Xolo Mariduea Plays Jaime Reyes:

In Blue Beetle, Xolo Mariduea plays Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate who goes back to his hometown with big plans for the future but finds that his hometown has changed.

As Jaime looks for his place within the world, fate steps in when he finds himself within possession of the Scarab, an old piece of alien bioengineering.

Blue Beetle Cast:

Adriana Barraza plays Jaime’s grandma, Nana. Daman Alcázar plays his father, and Elpidia Carrillo plays his mother. Bruna Marquezine plays Jenny Kord, Raoul Max Trujillo plays Carapax, Susan Sarandon plays Victoria Kord, and George Lopez plays Jaime’s Uncle Rudy.

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Milagro, Jaime’s sister, is played in the movie by Belissa Escobedo, and Dr. Sanchez is played by Harvey Guillén. Changing the story from El Paso, where all of the Jaime Reyes books take place, to Palmera City was a big choice.

In These Stories, We Look At What It’s Like To Live In A Place Where Two Cultures Meet:

But we did that because a lot of the Jaime comics are about what I would call “border-town” stories. In these stories, we look at what it’s like to live in a place where two cultures meet, as well as the problems and successes that come with it.

We wanted to share that experience with people all over the world. We felt it might hit deeply for people in the U.S. and Mexico who are familiar with that kind of Texas story, but we wished the story to be universal enough to appeal to people in both countries.

To Choose Palmera City Was The Brilliant Idea:

We thought that making Palmera City, which is a big city full of Latinos, was the best way to do it. It sounds like Miami, looks like LA, and has a vibe of Barcelona.

It truly felt like a place for everyone, even though being Latino is not a single thing. So, it was fun to make a new city and give Jaime a place he can really feel like he belongs.