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Blue Demon Jr: famous Mexican wrestler pretends to compete for mayor without revealing his identity

Blue Demon Jr is a candidate for the mayoralty of Gustavo A. Madero for the Progressive Social Networks party (Photo: Instagram @ bluedemonjr)
Blue Demon Jr is a candidate for the mayoralty of Gustavo A. Madero for the Progressive Social Networks party (Photo: Instagram @ bluedemonjr)

For this year’s electoral process, there are several athletes who will seek to participate for a popularly elected position.

The match Progressive Social Networks on his list of candidates are names like that of Darkness as a candidate for mayor of Venustiano Carranza; Caristic is pre-candidates for Cuauhtémoc and Blue Demon Jr he is a candidate for Gustavo A. Madero.

Brunette will have as a candidate Jose Luis Sánchez Sola, former technical director of Puebla, candidate for deputy in Puebla; the exporter Adolfo Rios is a candidate for the municipal presidency of Querétaro for Citizen movement; former soccer player Adolfo Bautista is a candidate for the Encuentro Solidario Party as federal deputy for Jalisco and the diver Rommel pacheco he is registered as a candidate for federal deputy by National Action.

Blue Demon Jr indicated in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante that his project has as a priority the education, security and economy.

(Photo: Instagram @ bluedemonjr)
(Photo: Instagram @ bluedemonjr)

He explained that he would not have to remove his mask to participate in the process, “They allow us to keep our identity, we will have to discover ourselves before the INE authorities”And your name will not be revealed because there is the possibility of entering the nickname or an alias.

The political activity says that it will not affect the rest of its activities, “I am independent, I am the owner of my time, I can schedule fights and certain things, but I do think it gives me time“, Said the fighter.

The decision to be a candidate for mayor Gustavo A. Madero Through Social Networks it was because I did not want to do only proselytism or support, and “I wanted to do something for people, they promised you things and they forgot you. This party came to invite me to help people, not to be their image. I saw the possibility of helping the people with whom I grew up in the mayor Gustavo A. Madero ”, he said.

The political party is headed by José Fernando González Sánchez, son-in-law of the former union leader, Elba Esther Gordillo. His registration was obtained a couple of months ago after a ruling by the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF).

Photo: Tw / @ JFernandoGS
Photo: Tw / @ JFernandoGS

The inclusion of artists and athletes, González Sánchez indicated in a press release in November that “It’s not about the usual politician, who abandoned citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic ”.

And he added that the party seeks that people feel identified with the person and “can serve them”, So it was questioned why the parties exist.

Controversy with RSP

On September 3, the National Electoral Institute (INE) denied registration as a political party to the RSP initiative, because that organization nor obtained the minimum number of assemblies required, remaining only three valid, the result of alleged irregularities, as contributions from members of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) and delivery of gifts.

(Photo: File)
(Photo: File)

In detail, according to the INE, The party had the participation of SNTE affiliates, since 86% of those who headed constitutional assemblies as a party, 66% of those who affiliated militants and a high percentage of those who financed that organization are members of that union, which would be in violation of article 41 of the Constitution, which prohibits the participation of union organizations in the formation of parties.

The magistrates reversed the decision made by the INE and ordered it to issue a new agreement to grant it registration, without carrying out further investigations.


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