BNA Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


BNA Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

It’s difficult to find a neon-drenched, 80s-inspired dystopia with as much depth and elegance as Brand New Animal (BNA), which manages to tackle difficult subjects in an elegant manner without coming across as preachy or agenda-driven.

The anime series BNA, which means Brand New Animal, made its premiere in 2020. The anime series’ first season has finished, and it was created with the Japanese animation company Trigger.

Everyone enjoys the animation produced by the Japanese studio Trigger. Little Witch Academia is one such masterpiece, and Brand New Animal, often known as BNA, is another.

Netflix’s original, Brand New Animal, was created by Studio Trigger. Since its debut, the programme has been very popular due to its comedy and plot.

Two species coexist in the fictitious Japanese city of Anima: humans and beastmen. The fact that there are so many weird individuals in the world and that they all adore the adorable Tanuki Girl adds to the show’s intrigue.

If you like viewing fictitious content and want to watch more fantasy-focused shows, BNA is a great option.

A Japanese television series called BNA: Brand New Animal combines action, humour, and science fiction.

NBA Season 1 received a lot of attention, and fans are anticipating Brand New Animal Season 2. Read this article through to the end if you want to understand all the specifics.

Kazuki Nakashima is responsible for the writing. The animation company behind the creation of this series is Trigger, well known for its support of the anime series Little Witch Academia.

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The action-packed, fantasy-themed anime series Brand New Animal, sometimes known as BNA, made its debut in the year 2020.

The public saw the programme, which is also shown on Netflix, on April 8, 2020, during the program’s episode “Runaway” The public saw the programme on April 8, 2020, after the episode titled “Runaway Raccoon” aired. The programme is also available on Netflix. The show’s episode “Anima-City” was shown after 12 episodes during its first season.

The status of the show’s renewal for season 2 is unknown, as are whether or not a new season will begin and other pertinent information.

BNA Season 2 Release Date

Due to the studio’s busy schedule, if there are plans for a second season of anime, you cannot anticipate it anytime soon. However, if it is renewed after 2023, we may anticipate that it would debut around 2024 or possibly even the start of 2025.

BNA Season 2 Cast

  • Sumire Morohoshi
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Maria Naganawa
  • Kaito Ishikawa
  • Gara Takashima
  • Kenji Nomura

BNA Season 2 Trailer

BNA Season 2 Plot

A humanoid animal anthropomorphic creature known as a Beastmen has finally come out of hiding after years of concealment in the plot’s twenty-first century setting.

An unsuitable blood transfusion turns a human girl into a Tanooki beast. She runs from human pursuit unto Anima City in the hopes of learning why this happened to her and finding comfort in the treatment.

It tells the story of Michiru, a tomboyish 17-year-old student who loves basketball and wakes up one day to discover that she has been changed into a “beastman,” a kind of human that broke away from the blood lineage years ago after interbreeding with other animals.

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They may change at any moment into an extra human or animal shape, which enables them to continue to be among the best in the world for a very long period.

These “Beastmen” are forced to leave Japan and immigrate to the country’s third-largest island, in which they set up their own government with headquarters in the Day-Glo metropolis of Anima-City, when Michiru runs away and the remainder of the anime is set.

Japan’s fictitious city of Anima. The two species that reside there are humans and beastmen, and they are hostile to one another.

Beastmen may transform into beasts because of a DNA modification known as the beat factor. They are essentially people plus animals, or humanoid animals.

Because these Beastmen were always regarded as the underclass of society, Mayor Barballet Rosé established this society just for them.

Birds, amphibians, animals, and everyone else move there as soon as Beastmen learn about it, and a city is established. The anime primarily examines the life of Beastman Michiru Kagemori.

When people began to colonise her region, she relocated to Anima City. She encounters Shirou Ogami in Anima, who essentially oversees the city’s security. After Beastman observes a bombing throughout the city, Michiru and Shirou have become on the hunt for the perpetrator.

In order to keep the town and residents secure from outsiders, the programme examines how they both track down criminals and confront them.

We saw a few of them returning to humans in the last episode, as well as human invaders entering their city.

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The show may continue wherever season 1 left off in season 2. The Beastman’s past and history may be explored in season 2 given that there was little to no information provided about them in season 1.

Additionally, many criminals from season one did not perish, so they may return and our raccoon would have to face them once again. Season 2’s official plot has not yet been made public.