Bob’s Burgers and the King’s Man to delay premiere


Disney announces that the Bob’s Burguers, The King’s Man and Ron’s Gone Wrong postponing its premiere.

Bob’s Burger was due to premiere on April 9 but now it has no date. The King’s Man goes from March 12 this year to August 10; Ron’s Gone Wrong from April 23 to October 22.

Along with these delays, The Night House, The Eyes of Tammy Fayer, Antlers and The Alley of the Lost Souls date their release this year. There are all the new dates:

  • THE KING’S MAN (20th) Antes 12/3/21 pasa al 10/8/21
  • BOB’S BURGERS (20th) runs out of date
  • RON’S GONE WRONG (20th) would have been 4/23/21 and goes to 10/22/21
  • THE NIGHT HOUSE (Searchlight) will premiere on 7/16/21
  • THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE (Searchlight) premieres 9/24/21
  • ANTLERS (Searchlight) will premiere on 10/29/21
  • THE ALLEY OF LOST SOULS (Searchlight) will arrive on 12/3/2021.

The Bob’s Burguers movie was originally announced in 2017 for a 2020 release, and will bring back the Emmy-winning series that introduces us to the Belcher family (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise) and their burger joint journey. .

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