received 10 million users’ love in June 2020, site registers 490% growth in a year


Zee Digital’s entertainment website ( has received the love of 10 million users in June 2020. According to ComScore India, in the month of June, Bollywood has registered 10.4 million active users. In June, thanks to the love received from readers, Bollywood has recorded 4.9 times growth in the last one year. If compared to the competitors of the site, Bollywood has beaten eTimes, NDTV Movies, Filmbeat, and Desi These sites have recorded growth of 1.8 times, 1.7 times, 1.5 times, 1.4 times and 0.9 times respectively in the last one year. Also Read – crossed 35 million users in May 2020, an increase of 4.3 times over last year

Expressing happiness over the success of, Zee Digital CEO Rohit Chadha has said, “We try to present the readers with their favorite entertainment news in a different way.” It is clear from the growth of the site in the last one year that we have also been successful in our efforts. site will try to offer more content readers in the coming times. ‘ Also Read – Zee Digital achieved 168% growth in May 2020, users crossed 185 million

Bollywood offers the latest gossip, breaking news, exclusive news, television news, South Gossip, Hollywood News and OTT News for those who are fond of reading entertainment news. gives entertainment news to people in English and Hindi languages, which are written by journalists covering the industry for many years. Also Read – Zee Hindustan, this achievement was recorded, crossed the figure of 10 million monthly users in just 6 months

Along with Bollywood, Zee Digital is also getting immense love from the people. According to Com Score India, Zee Digital has registered 185 million active users in May 2020. With this, Zee Digital has become the second largest digital media group in India.


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