Brian Castaño lost his world title by knockout against Jermell Charlo in the United States and was on the verge of making history


* The highlights of the fight between Castaño and Charlo

The Argentinian Brian Castaño lost his world titlegave up his professional undefeated and was at the door of making history in the Dignity Health Sports Park of Carson of California. Jermell Charlo knocked him out in the tenth round.: He managed to knock him down twice and the judge decided to stop the fight to transform the American into the unified champion of the super welterweight category.

The local boxer, who exposed his belts from the World Boxing Association (WBA)the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the International Boxing Federation (FIB)he also appropriated the crown of World Boxing Organization (OMB) that the Argentine had. In this way, he became absolute champion of the division and emulated something that they had previously only done in various categories Saúl Canelo Álvarez, Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor, Josh Taylor, Terence Crawford y Oleksandr Usyk.

The weather marked the interesting evening with several Argentine flags in the stands and one detail: Brian’s belt was entered by his brother Alan, also a boxer; and Jermell’s were carried by his twin Jermall, middleweight world champion.

* This was the income of Castaño

A first round that did not disappoint already put the temperature at the top in the stadium. Charlo seemed to hit a better hand firstbut Castaño ended up pushing with his style and even landed a blow that made his rival feel the power of his execution.

Castaño showed a possible path in the second with the intention of diminishing his rival’s physical condition slowly with body shots, although the bloodthirsty personality of the two allowed to see high voltage moments again until the last second.

Another round of high tension was the third with two details: a small chestnut mark on his eyebrow and the obvious Charlo’s strategy of avoiding the fight in the short with permanent grips, something that he had not done so much in the first fight and that had meant a suffering in the style of the Argentine.

The parity and the explosive climate was already absolute in the room to such an extent that after the sound of the bell both distributed a blow to the other. The fight accumulated short-lived streaks. At times, Castaño seemed to make Charlo stagger, but the trend was immediately reversed.. The forms were clear: Brian constantly chasing and Jermell using the ropes to show off his speed.

Brian seemed to be feeling in the fifth for a few passages, but once again his personality came out. Two clear headers from Charlo went unnoticed by the referee, but what nobody missed was the constant back and forth of blows from both sides.

The sixth confirmed everything previously seen: intensity was not negotiated on either side. Each hit they landed was synonymous with more battle for their rival. Castaño showed off his role as a bulldog and chased the American around the ring for the sixth consecutive round.

It was expected that the physical demand will decrease at some point and that happened in the seventh, which had an intelligent success from Charlo and then constant study by both parties. The formula was repeated in the next two roundssomething that technically benefited the local, who usually works better from a distance and is more effective when throwing more studied shots.

The blow that began to end the evening came a few seconds from the end of the tenth round. And left hook to the body and a punch to the face They penetrated the Argentine’s guard and left him on the canvas. Brian tried to beat the regulation countsought to return to combat, but Charlo immediately went to look for him and ended the fight with another two punches combining soft zone and his face.

This was the first loss for the Boxi, who now has 17 wins (12KO), 2 draws and 1 loss (1KO). This defeat occurred just in revenge after what happened last year in the AT&T Center of San Antonio: at that time it was a tie with a card that saw the Argentine win by one point (114-113), another that offered equality (114-114) and a controversy that signed the judge Nelson Vázquez with victory for the local with 117-111.

Castaño had tried on a leather belt for the first time. world champion in november 2016 when he beat Puerto Rican Emmanuel de Jesus in Argentina and took over the belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA). He defended that interim title against michel soro as a visitor in France through the cards and replicated the experience also as a visitor in that same country against Cedric Vituwhom he beat by KO.

Then came the draw with Lara and the controversy: the AMB took away the title in 2019 for not accepting a new fight vs. Soro. He reappeared with a convincing KO against Nigerian Wate Omotoso in a fight that served as a prelude to go in search of another world title against Brazilian Patrick Teixeira, whom he defeated by unanimous decision and snatched the WBO crown.

The crowns are now owned by Iron Man. Jeremy is 31 years old. and a single stain on his record: he won 35 fights (19 by KO), tied 1 (against Castano) and lost 1 time. That only loss was recorded in December 2018 when Tony Harrison He surprised them and won a unanimous decision on the cards, taking over the WBC belt. After regaining his status as world champion in the rematch against Harrison, whom he defeated by KO in the 11th round, Charlo obtained another two divisional crowns in September 2020 after beating the Dominican before the limit Jeison Banana Rosariowho previously owned the WBA and IBF belts.

Estadio: Dignity Health Sports Park (Carson, California, United States)


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