Britney Spears Knew Her Marriage To Sam Asghari Would End Badly Because She Could Feel It Coming


Britney Spears Knew Her Marriage To Sam Asghari Would End Badly Because She Could Feel It Coming:

Friends of Britney Spears say she known her marriage to Sam Asghari would fail and believes she is “better off” without him.

A source claimed that the “Stronger” singer knew she and Sam had problems in their relationship as well as could feel it coming. Last week, Asghari filed for divorce. “Sam is moving into his new residence and getting ready to move on.

“He lives on the border of Beverly Hills and Century City in Los Angeles in a high-end building alongside valet service, a pool, a private park, a fitness center, a screening room, a tennis court, as well as more,” a source said.

Still, the source said that Spears “didn’t want to let go” of the fitness teacher, who she met in 2016. She “feels like the rug was pulled out from under her” and is trying to get used to being on her own.

Her Friends Are Coming Together Around Her And Telling Her To Keep Going:

“Friends are informing her that she feels better off,” but the music star “doesn’t want to accept that because it’s too painful,” the person said. At the same time, the singer of “Circus” is also thinking about her future.

“Britney is attempting to lead her best life while taking care of herself throughout this transition,” the person said. “Her friends are coming together around her as well as pushing her to keep going.

Both Britney as well as Sam have been told that it would be best for them not to talk with one another right now. Other news sources have said that Spears’ lawyer as well as manager are “the last folks standing” in her area.

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Asghari Is Getting Used To His New Place As Well As Thinking About The Next Step:

Two days ago, I heard that Asghari, who is 29 years old, is “getting settled within his new place as well as focusing on moving on.”

Even though the two no longer talk to each other, Spears is allegedly paying the huge $10,000-a-month rent for the luxury home, which is one of the more pricey in L.A.

In a long post upon Instagram over the weekend, Spears said that she and Kevin were no longer together. “As everybody knows, Hesam and myself are no longer living together,” she said, using Asghari’s official name.

“Six years was an extended period to be alongside someone, so I’m surprised, but I’m not here to clarify why, because it’s really nobody’s business. I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore.”

Asghari Also Said Something About The Split After He Had Been Quiet About It:

The fitness teacher moved out of the house he and Spears shared shortly before he sued for split last Wednesday. The couple, who got married within June 2022, allegedly broke up because Asghari said Spears had violent fits and cheated on him by marrying a male house worker.

Asghari also said something about the split for the first time in an Instagram post. “We will always love and respect each other, and I’ll wish her nothing but the best in everything she does.

Things go wrong. It seems silly to ask for privacy, so I’ll just ask that everyone, including the media, be kind and considerate,” he wrote on his story.

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They Love Each Other A Lot, But They Also Fight A Lot About Important Things:

A person told Entertainment Tonight the truth about how their marriage was falling apart. “There have been ups and downs in Britney and Sam’s relationship,” the person said.

“They love each other a lot, but they also fight a lot about important things. They sometimes feel like they aren’t meeting each other’s wants fully. Things have recently gone wrong, and their fights have become more serious as well as real.

Spears Has Hired The Famous Star Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser:

“Their problems tend to grow worse when they spend time away from each other. Britney sometimes feels like Sam doesn’t care about her as much as he should.

At times, their fights have caused them to be upset with each other. When it pertains to their future together as a couple, they also have different ideas, which has proven a source of conflict.”

Variety says that Spears has what they call a “dream team” of lawyers helping her with the divorce. Rosengart helped her obtain out of being under a guardian’s care, and she also has the famous star divorce lawyer Laura Wasser on payroll.