Britney Spears Won’t Let Sam Asghari Keep Dogs Because They Are Getting A Divorce


Britney Spears Won’t Let Sam Asghari Keep Dogs Because They Are Getting A Divorce:

Sam Asghari applied for divorce from Britney Spears on Wednesday. The “Toxic” singer is apparently not letting him have control of their two dogs.

Asghari, a fitness teacher turned actor who is 29 years old, gave Spears, who is 41, a Doberman called Porsha as a gift in 2021. In February, the now-split couple also got an Australian Shepherd called Sawyer.

Asghari’s filing, which The Post got a copy of, says he wants Spears to pay him spousal support as well as cover his legal fees as well as court costs.

He also wants “separate assets” as well as “various items,” which the “Gimme More” star reportedly fears could include her pets.

Britney Spears Won’t Let Her Ex Boyfriend Sam Asghari Take Care Of Both Of Their Dogs:

Britney Spears won’t give her ex-boyfriend Sam Asghari control of their two dogs during their nasty divorce fight, but she’s more than happy to give back the “free” diamond engagement ring she’s already thrown away after they broke up.

Sam, a 29-year-old actor, filed for a divorce from Britney, a 41-year-old chart-topper, last month, claiming “irreconcilable differences.” It is thought that Sam signed a legally binding prenuptial agreement with Britney before they got married.

A source close to the pop star reportedly informed the Daily Mail upon Friday, “When it comes to Britney and Sam’s shared property, their two dogs will be the hardest to divide. However, Sam gave Britney Porsha as a gift, and she was interested in adopting Sawyer when they visited Maui.”

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Sam Asked Britney To Marry Him In September 2021:

The Post has asked the people who work for Spears as well as Asghari for their thoughts. A source additionally told the newspaper that Spears doesn’t want to keep the four-carat diamond that Asghari gave her to be an engagement ring due to the fact that he supposedly didn’t pay a dime for it.

Sam asked Britney to marry him in September 2021 with a diamond ring created by the jeweler Roman Malayev that he got for free. He probably did this within the hopes that his spouse’s fame would help the jeweler get more attention for the brand.

“That ring can go to Sam. It was given to her for free by designer Roman Malayev, but she no longer wants it. The source said, “She has enough diamonds.”

The Couple Is Getting a Divorce After Six Years Of Love And Living Together:

A strong prenuptial agreement means that Asghari won’t get any of Spears’ money. Asghari said in an Instagram post on Thursday that he and his wife were getting a divorce because they couldn’t get along anymore.

“After 6 years of devotion and affection to each other, myself and my spouse have decided to say goodbye to our adventure together,” he said.

“We will always love and respect each other, and I’ll wish her nothing but the greatest in everything she does. goes on. It seems silly to ask for privacy, so I’ll just ask that everyone, including the reporters, be kind and considerate.

Sam Is Going Against The Prenup As Well As Threatening To Use Videos To Hurt His Ex Wife:

Thursday, a representative for Asghari claimed The Post, “There are many rumors that Sam is fighting the prenup as well as threatening to use videos to hurt his ex-wife.” But all of these claims are untrue, because no bad things have ever been said about her as well as never will be.

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A person close to Spears informed The Post that she is “doing well” after the breakup as well as was “excited regarding the book, her coming memoir ‘The Woman in Me,’ and new music.”

On Thursday, TMZ said that Sam thought the Grammy-winning singer had been deceiving upon him with a staff member at the house they shared in Southern California, but subsequent video footage shot upon the property shows that Britney was cheating.

Sam Filed For A Divorce Because He Found Out She Had Been Cheating On Him:

Sam thought it was odd that Britney, who was said to be “fragile and hypersexualized,” additionally requested a staff member to film her naked.

It’s not clear if the employee she is said to have requested to film her also happens to be the person with whom she is said to have cheated.

A source told the outlet that Britney’s alleged behavior was risky “for her own safety” and that her alleged cheating was what made Sam file for divorce.

There have been rumors that Britney hit Sam more than once as well as gave him a black eye while he was sleeping.