Brutal Rally accident: hit a hill, tipped over and fell down a ravine


Teemu Suninen was the protagonist on the first day with his shocking accident

The pilot Teemu Suninen was the protagonist of a strong accident during the first section of the Monte Carlo Rally. The rain became a key factor as it left the roads of the special Saint Disdier a Corps which has an extension of 20.58 kilometers. On the first date of Mundial de Rally (WRC) 2021, the native of Finland had an action that shocked the world of motors.

The 26-year-old driver crashed his Ford Fiesta the M-Sport against the inside mound of the road and his car spun in the air until it hit the ground and then fell down a ravine. Source team officials confirmed that both he and his co-driver Mikko Markkula They managed to get out of the car unharmed and they suffered no injuries after such an episode.

Previously, there were several competitors who came close to hitting the wall that put Suninen out of the race. For example the British Elfyn Evans, current runner-up in the world with Toyota, skidded slightly on this undulating stretch and ended up skidding where the Finn would later crash. The key to this section would be to reduce the speed necessary to be able to perform the appropriate maneuver and thus avoid any type of accident.

The official message from the team confirming that the drivers are okay
The official message from the team confirming that the drivers are okay

Only after the crash, it was possible to appreciate how A sign appeared in that area to announce to pilots to be extra careful when traveling through there. A large sign with the letters ‘SOS’ seems to have been enough for no misfortune to happen again in the initial stage of the important competition.

The images quickly went viral on social media and people were surprised to see that the violence of the impact did not cause any injuries to the two people who were inside the vehicle. “Teemu Suninen was the fastest on the stage, testing the power of the Fiesta, before impacting a dangerous corner. Both the pilot and the co-pilot are well ”wrote the M-Sport account about it.

In the end, the first stage of the contest was won by Ott Tänak and it is placed first in the classification. The pilot of Hyundai he sent a serious message to all his competitors by setting the best time in the first two stages although there is still a lot of rally ahead. The organization of WRC confirmed that the day was atypical due to nighttime restrictions in France for the coronavirus. Normally, the disputed section is run at night but this time it was done in the afternoon in daylight.


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