Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired for racial behavior against American customer group


In Naperville, Illinois, Buffalo Wild Wings dismissed its employees after a diner made claims that the employees asked her party to move to accommodate the regulars who happened to be racists. Mary Vahl, who was a customer of Buffalo Wild Wings, wrote about her story on 27th October on a Facebook post that has gone viral.

She clearly stated that her party consisting of 12 children and six adults was requested to move as they were seated next to a regular customer of Buffalo Wild Wings, who was clearly stated by the employees for being a racist. Vahl also mentioned that most of the members of her group consisted of African Americans.

The spokesperson of Buffalo Wild Wings made a statement suggesting that the company had ouster its employees who were involved in the scenario after conducting an internal review. The spokesperson added to his statement that Buffalo Wild Wings has made sure to ban the customer who exhibited such inappropriate behavior from visiting any of their sports bar for life.

As an outcome of this incident, Buffalo Wild Wings has now promised about conducting sensitivity training throughout all its Chicagoland sports bars. Vahl wrote about this incident taking place in Naperville on October 26th on her Facebook post. According to the post made by Vahl, after some confusion about the size of the party eventually, the host inquired about the racial composition of their group to Vahl’s husband, Justin.

The host of Buffalo Wild Wings of Naperville continued to explain Justin about the party having to sit next to the regular customers of the location. And according to Vahl’s post, one of the two customers was a racist and thus wouldn’t like being seated next to a party of African-Americans.

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Vahl wrote that they didn’t want to give the host the satisfaction and they would continue to sit where they had set them up. Vahl further wrote in her post that they were able to identify who the racist was right away as the guy continued to stare at them the whole time, while the seating arrangements for Vahl and her group was being made.

As the Vahl and her party began ordering the appetizers and drinks, an employee from Buffalo Wild Wings approached the racist’s table for some playful interaction and then came up to Vahl’s table and asked them to move by making an excuse of reservation of the seats.