Bulletproof tips to attract more customers to enrol in your loyalty club


One of the things that help businesses attract and retain new customers are reward programs and loyalty clubs. These programs and clubs are designed specially to appreciate customers for being loyal to the business. The programs provide a lot of numerous benefits and incentives for customers who regularly patronize a business.

Loyalty and rewards programs can also attract new people and turn them to regular customers of a business. Hence, businesses need to pay attention to their loyalty clubs programs and make it as efficient as possible.

We will be sharing in this article some tips that can help you attract more customers to join your loyalty club. But before we proceed, we will outline the major goals of loyalty programs.

Major reasons to offer loyalty programs

If you’re still considering whether to start a rewards program for your brand or not, here are some benefits the programs will provide:

  •   Encourage customers to stay loyal to your business
  •   Motivate people to buy more of your services or products
  •   Inspire customers to  promote your brand
  •   Building more trust with your existing customers and attracting more
  •   Converting new customers to loyal ones easily

Quick tips to make more customers join your loyalty club

It may be quite challenging to get more customers to join your loyalty clubs, especially if you’re in an industry where the competition is high. To ensure you attract more people, you have to go the extra mile. Here are tips to follow:

Ensure the loyalty program is easy to understand

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When it is difficult to understand how the loyalty program works, it gets customers uninterested. The structure of the program must be easy to understand and follow. You must also provide detailed information and necessary links for consumers where necessary.

The loyalty club on Royal Panda Casino is an example of rewards programs you can understand easily. The rewards system which is called the Loyal Panda Program consists of three levels which the participants work to attain. All participants start at the Bronze level and will have to move through the Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels.

To move from each level on the Loyal Panda Program, players have to gather a certain number of loyalty points (LP). 1 LP is gotten when you wager $10. The casino provides all information about moving from one level to another explicitly on their site. Each level offers different gifts to customers.

When your loyalty club is structured in such an easy way, it attracts more customers.

Make your gifts appealing

As a good businessman or woman, you should understand what your customers will appreciate. Many times, some people may only be interested in getting discounts for more purchases or some may appreciate customized items. This depends on the brand, product types, industry, and consumers.

An example of a brand that does this is Starbucks. Anytime you spend INR300 with your Starbucks Card at any Indian store, you get 1 star. The more stars you get, the bigger the rewards you receive. The Starbucks program also has levels with different benefits.

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At whatever level you are, Starbucks gives you appealing gifts to celebrate you. For example, on the Gold level which is the highest, you can enjoy birthday gifts, beverage customization, free drinks of your choice, and many more special offers.

Promote your loyalty club on your website

This is very important. You must let your customers know about the club and keep reminding them. Let them see the benefits and also how easy it is to participate. Make sure there is a dedicated page for the loyalty program which explains how it works, how to sign up, and the benefits.

Promote the program on social media pages

This strategy is effective for reaching customers who have not visited your store or website for a long time. Many people use social media often, so it will be very easy for them to see your offers while scrolling through their newsfeed. Strategically use your social media platforms to reach your audience with your offers.