Call of Duty: Modern Warfare generated more revenue than FIFA and GTA 5 in 2020

Although we all know that Call of Duty breaks records of all kinds every year, today’s news is more surprising than we might think at first. The reason? Almost every year it is sports games (EA and / or 2K Games) that rise as the titles that generate the most income for companies through micropayments and DLC.

However, in this past 2020 the award has been for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And is that the title of Activision has managed to raise more revenue than FIFA on the one hand, and GTA 5 on the other. The latter, by the way, is a game that has been at the top of these lists since 2013. A milestone.

The information has been shared by Twinfinite (via SuperData data). Regardless, the numbers have come in a year in which Activision has offered virtually all DLC content for free. In fact, even Warzone has been free. But that has also caused more players to get into the game and, consequently, end up spending on micropayments.

In addition, most likely, the pandemic also had something to do with the results. Especially in those first months when confinement caused some games to reach all-time highs for simultaneous players.

In terms of more concrete figures, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare produced Activision revenue of $ 1.9 billion in 2020 since its launch in March. Well above 1.08 billion in FIFA, or 911 million in GTA 5.

According to SuperData, the move to create a hybrid between Warfare and Warzone could be the big culprit for Activision’s success. Now it will be necessary to see if that success continues with the new Black Ops Cold War, which will continue to offer that duality with Warzone.

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