Call of Duty: Warzone sets a date for what appears to be its map destruction event


A new post on the Twitter account of Call of Duty has announced a date and time for what it describes as “the end”, which apparently suggests that the much-rumored Warzone map destruction event is imminent.

Will Nuclear Weapons Arrive Soon? Judging by the publication in question (which you can see below these lines), this will happen next Wednesday, April 21, 2021. That is, within an exact week.

The short video clip, which shows a computer screen from the Cold War era, shows an image with interference in which we can see a skull that is quickly replaced by a date: “04.21 12PM PT” (23:00 hours , Spanish peninsular time). Also, this clip is accompanied by the text “The end is near…”.

For quite some time, rumors and leaks have suggested that the Verdansk map from Call of Duty: Warzone will be “blown up” by a nuclear bombardment, allowing it to be replaced by a version of the Cold War era landscape for better tie in with the current Cold War story of Black Ops Cold War. Ultimately, it appears that those rumors were correct and that the nuclear event is close to reaching the popular multiplayer of CoD.

In fact, in recent weeks, Activision issued a DCMA takedown to a website covering Warzone map leaks, suggesting that they were actually legitimate leaks. Then, just a few days ago, nuclear missiles were seen flying through Verdansk in the game, but without causing any damage.

It is still unclear if these missiles were a simple mistake, if the assets were simply delivered too early, or if it was all a real provocation from Activision as a nod to the game community.

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