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Campazzo’s particular new nickname after his performance against Washington Wizards and the funny explanation

Campazzo scored 14 points against the Wizards (Photo: AFP)
Campazzo scored 14 points against the Wizards (Photo: AFP)

“I would like to call Facundo Campazzo ‘The Termite ‘. The proposal was launched on his own account Twiter actor Andy Juett in the middle of the game between the Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards that had another brilliant performance from the Argentine point guard despite the narrow defeat of his team. The 29-year-old is having his highest levels in the NBA and that affects the comments about his level.

“With tough defense, pushing, passing and free throws, it slowly eats away at the foundations of your team until it finally collapses in the fourth quarter. The termite! “, completed his funny description by the artist who works as an actor, comedian, writer, producer, presenter and event director, in addition to being the “presenter of the most popular monthly program in Denver”, directing the “Sexpot Comedy” collective dedicated to cycles humor and organize the “High Plains Comedy Festival”. At the end of the day, the debate over the nickname of Facu is on the table, considering that as soon as he arrived in the franchise, his companions nicknamed him Spider-Man.

The proposal for Campazzo to carry as a nickname "The Termite"
The proposal for Campazzo to bear the nickname “La Termita”

Against Washington he scored 14 points in a 130-128 loss, but the day before he had accumulated 15 in his start as a starter against Boston. So far, in his 25 official appearances as an NBA player, Campazzo averages 14 minutes per presentation Y 4.9 points and 1.9 assists per game. “Is a great player. Facu is a fighter, creates good plays and tough mentality. Score and pass very well, it’s like a ‘mini Jokic’”, Praised him in the last hours Scott Brooks, coach of the Wizards. The reference, of course, was directed at Joker, the Serbian giant who is the big star of the Nuggets and in the current season has a average of 27 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists per game.

“He does a bit of everything on the field. I like his style, he is a player that you would like to have in the team. He had more minutes due to injuries from his teammates, but he’s not a rookie, I assure you. He earned his right to be in the NBA. He is 29 years old, but he will be here as long as he decides, ”added Brooks.

Local journalist Kate Winge also closely followed Facu’s performance and described the contribution he has been making for those led by Michael Malone. “It is getting more consistent. You know what you’re going to get from him. That you gon ‘have triples, which is fantastic in the pick & roll, finding the man who is open wherever he is. Beyond that, I think defensively today he was also very involved defending Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, making things very difficult for them. Facu’s energy is not something I give up and I think that’s key for these Denver Nuggets, whether he enters as a starter or as a substitute.”Said the analyst in a compact shared by the specialized media Technical Foul.

Summary of the best of Campazzo against the Wizards

The Nuggets have a 15-13 record which leaves them in the eighth position of their conference, hurt by this recent slump with two losses in a row. This Friday, from 21 (Argentine time), they will face the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena and can only be seen by NBA League Pass. The next game that can be seen on cable television will be next March 1 against the Chicago Bulls: the match will go through the canal NBA TV (111 Cablevision / 644 DirecTV)


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