Can Anyone Explain Why The Record Covers For Doja Cat As Well As A German Punk Band Are The Same


Can Anyone Explain Why The Record Covers For Doja Cat As Well As A German Punk Band Are The Same:

Doja Cat and the German metal hardcore band Chaver probably have a lot in common, but the picture of a pink spider with a gem-like drop of pink blood inside its fangs is the only thing that links them today.

Dusty Ray created the spider that is on the cover of each artist’s new record, which has a few small changes. Doja Cat showed off her artwork with a spider and no type treatment upon Instagram on the Tuesday, teasing that her Scarlet record will come out on September 22.

On July 29, Chaver posted theirs to announce their Of Gloom art. Their cover has a dustier background and a very metal name logo. At the bottom, the title is written in all capital letters. The record comes out on September 22 as well.

The Person Who Makes Cover Art Is Dusty Ray:

It looks like Doja Cat lost the game of “spider chicken.” The singer of “Paint the Town Red” seems to have removed her Instagram post that showed the Scarlet cover for the first time.

Chever’s post is still there, as well as was even linked to in other stories. Doja Cat’s IG bio picture, on the other hand, is a shot of a big spider. So the spider theme isn’t lost entirely. Maybe the itsy-bitsy record cover will go back up in the charts.

“Dusty Ray @sloppjockey_ert’s masterful cover art is a striking contrast to the intense music on the album, setting the scene for a journey to an area of pain,” the band wrote.

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The Album Cover For Doja Cat’s Album Looked A Lot Like The Cover For Album Of Gloom’s Album:

Check out her. Check out her. You there? Doja Cat’s Scarlet record cover, which she showed off for the first time last night, In the simple piece of art, there is a red spider alongside a drop of blood on top of it.

And it looked somewhat familiar to some fans. A month earlier, the German metal band Chaver gave a sneak peek of their upcoming record, Of Gloom, by putting their name and what appears to be the same spider on the cover, but with a gem instead of a blood drop.

Dusty Ray, an artist from Portland, Oregon, made both covers. Chaver said upon Instagram that Dusty Ray has made all of their record covers. Even more confusing is that both records will come out on September 22.

She Is Obsessed With Spiders In A Very Clear Way Her Latest Instagram Profile Picture Is A Legged Freak With Eight Legs:

Vulture asked Ray, Doja Cat, as well as Chaver what they thought about it. In the meantime, look at the two covers below and see if you can find more differences between them.

Even though it’s not clear how Doja Cat discovered Dusty Ray, it’s clear that she likes spiders a lot. Her current Instagram image depicts an eight-legged freak, and she also has a tattoo upon her left arm of a spider inside what looks like a magical plan.