Can you increase your bankroll with this dough?


When it comes to online casino games, there are a few games that we always gravitate back to, whether that’s due to the game being easy to play with a good return to player (RTP) rate, or you simply feel you’re living your best life spinning those particular reels. Whatever it is that brings you back to the online slot games, the most important ingredient is fun!

With this in mind, we wanted to share a slot that you can play whilst indulging in a slice of comfort food; pizza. Follow us as we tear a slice and reveal the delicious gameplay you could be enjoying during your next gaming visit.

Papa Paolo’s Pizzeria

Enter a pizza restaurant where you’ll be a sous chef, creating a pizza full of bonus features and so much more. with the Bonus Pizza Builder feature the main attraction, there’s so much more than doughballs up for grabs here!

Bonus Pizza Builder

When you match three bonus symbols, you’ll unlock the Bonus Pizza Builder, with the possibility  of picking a Special Sauce. If, however, you match four or more bonus symbols, you’re guaranteed a random pick of a Special Sauce. When the Bonus Pizza Builder is activated, you’ll be presented with a chef’s table to build your own pizza. In the centre of the table, you’ll find a pizza base with tomato sauce spread onto it. Around the pizza on the table, you’ll find 13 containers with ingredients inside. It’s here where you’ll be required to pick some toppings. As you choose the topping, it’ll populate the top of the pizza. For each topping you select to add to your pizza, a hidden bonus from the ingredients will be shown and added to the chef’s chalkboard behind the chef, with the aim to get as many bonuses as you can in this round.

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Pizza Bonus Builder Picks

In this round, some of the bonuses you could come across include: 

  • Wild reels
  • 1 to 3 wilds
  • 1 to 8 free spins
  • 1 to 3 multipliers

Extra Sauce Picks

  • Incremental multiplier – per cascade win
  • Last spin x25 – last free spin you’ll have an x25 multiplier applied
  • Last spin x50 – last free spin you’ll have an x50 multiplier applied
  • Hot spin –+1 Hot spin
  • Super Hot spin – +1 Super Hot spin
  • Chilli Hot spin – +1 Chilli Hot spin
  • Random multiplier – random multiplier incrementing multiplier per spin

Picks Featured

  • Free spins – awards 1-8 to the free spins pot
  • Random wild – awards 1-2 wilds to the random wild pot. During free spins, up to a max of four wilds can be activated per spin.
  • Multiplier – awards 1-3 multipliers to the multiplier pot. Added together, these can create a total multiplier which will multiply any win created within the free spins, by that value.
  • Wild Reels – awards a wild reel, a vertical column of four stacked wilds, to every spin in the free spins, randomly choosing between reels two and six on each spin. This will not appear in further cascades.
  • Incremental multiplier – this will award a multiplier which will increment +1 per cascade whilst in the free spins bonus.
  • Last spin x25 – this will award an x25 multiplier on every last spin in the free spins feature. Any win and subsequent cascades will be multiplied by 25.
  • Last spin x50 – same as last spin x25, but will be multiplied by 50.
  • Hot spin – will award an extra win spin after the free spins feature. This will be a six of a kind win using the lowest symbols, 9, 10, J.
  • Super Hot spins – will award an extra win spin after the free spins feature. This will be a six of a kind win using mid-range paying symbols, Q, K, A.
  • Chilli Hot spins – will award you an extra win spin after the free spins feature. This will be a six of a kind win using the top four symbols, pepper grinder, pizza cutter, chef and the game’s logo.
  • Random multiplier – will award a random chance of a multiplier, increasing by 1,2,3 or 5 on each spin.
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With this and so much more in the Papa Paolo’s Pizzeria to discover, our bellies are rumbling at the thought of indulging in some real Italian cuisine whilst bringing some potential dough home, is yours?