Candide, the application that helps us identify plants in photographs even as a Twitter bot


Surely sometime, during a walk in a park, or passing in front of someone’s garden, being inside an establishment or simply browsing the Internet, you have seen some plant that you liked and you have not been able to identify

… and have you thought about how good it would be for you at that time have some kind of ‘botanical Shazam’ on hand, an application that, just by showing you a photo of a plant, could tell you which one it is, and even give information about its cultivation.

Well today we bring you an application that offers us exactly that, and that is also available both in web and mobile version, as well as in Twitter bot format. Your name? Candide.

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Candide, tell me which plant is this

If you have opened the link in the previous paragraph, you will find yourself on a website with a visible button that says ‘Identify now’ which, by clicking on it, will allow us to select a photo of a plant on your device – images of the entire plant as well as leaves, flowers or fruits serve.

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Thanks to its “sophisticated machine learning model” —that is, making use of artificial intelligence— it will be enough to wait for said image to be uploaded to your server so that, in a few seconds, show us with which plant species you have identified our photo.

We have to try to make the photo clear, and ideally make several from various angles, but in most cases it will work fine on the first try, and the application will show us the name of the plant, a photo of its database (to compare) and a summary of its needs for sun, watering and care, as well as a selection of useful articles related to the plant in question, if there were.


And clicking on the ‘Find Our More’ button, the web will lead us to an even more complete file, with various details about the cultivation, diseases and uses of the plant, among other extra information.

But there is another option for ask Candid without even having to open their website: turn to their Twitter bot. Just mention your account (@whatplantisthis) by attaching an image, or mentioning it in a response to an already uploaded image (even by another user) so that the bot also responds to us via Twitter. It will also work if we use the hashtag #WhatPlantIsThis in our tweet.


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