Can’t Visit Amsterdam? How to Emulate the Experience at Home


Have you been dreaming of visiting Amsterdam but thanks to the pandemic you’re stuck at home? Are you starting to come to the conclusion that you probably won’t be heading there anytime soon this year and it’s got you feeling down? Not to worry, as all is not lost; in fact, there are ways you can emulate the experience of visiting Amsterdam while at home. Although it’s not exactly the same thing, there are ways you can create that Amsterdam holiday-like vibe at home; it just takes a little creativity on your part.

If Amsterdam is calling your name but you’re stuck at home, give these fun tips a try and emulate the experience from home.

“Stroll” through the Galleries and Museums

One of the biggest draws of Amsterdam is the selection of world-class galleries and museums that you can enjoy strolling through. For many travellers this ends up being a highlight of their holiday. Thanks to technology, now you can enjoy many of these sites from the comfort of your own home by making use of virtual tours.

You could essentially spend a whole morning or afternoon exploring galleries and museums online, and these virtual tours even have cool added features that you wouldn’t find in real life. Many have curated videos and guides that aren’t just walk-throughs, but take time to discuss different pieces, the history, restoration projects currently taking place, and so much more. At the end of it all you may actually take away more from a virtual tour than what you would in real life.

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Give the Cuisine a Try at Home

A big part of any vacation, regardless of the destination, is the local cuisine. It can be an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try new ingredients and flavours, and embrace the culture. There’s no doubt that had you visited Amsterdam in person you would have spent time checking out the local dining scene, and likely found some new favourite dishes. But again, this is an experience you can create at home.

First things first, you’re going to want to find a few traditional Dutch recipes and get the needed ingredients together. Next, you can make it a whole experience by cooking with other members in your household and really taking the time to get things right. There are plenty of online tutorials you can follow, or you can refer to a recipe book.

While there are a number of different recipes you can try, one of the most traditional Dutch dishes is stamppot. This is seen as comfort food in Amsterdam, making it perfect for a cold, rainy, damp day at home. The main ingredients are vegetables such as onions, carrots, and kale, and potatoes. It is all boiled together, and then it is drained and mashed while slowly adding milk to it. It is typically then topped off with pickles and smoked sausages for the true Dutch experience.

Try Brewing Your Own Dutch Beer

What could be better than brewing your own Dutch beer to go with your Dutch cuisine! Brewing your own beer at home has actually become quite the trend during lockdown, and it’s important to note there is a learning curve here. Don’t expect your first batch to come out perfect; this is a real ‘practice makes perfect’ kind of activity.

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Create the Casino Vibe and Add a Little Fun at Home

Maybe part of your plans would also be to visit one of the many casinos in Amsterdam while on holiday. Again, this is another experience you can emulate at home thanks to the sheer volume of online games that you can play from the comfort of your own home. You get that same level of fun you’d experience at the casino – and all the same excitement too – on either your desktop or mobile device.

As for which are the best slots sites, Online Casinos has a comprehensive list worth looking at. It not only lists, but also ranks the best slots sites listed here in the UK. Of particular interest to new players are the welcome bonus details, as each casino will have its own offering to try to grab your attention. Also discussed on this site are the payouts, the actual games offered, and plenty more. It’s so easy to create that full casino-vibe packed with the same level of fun.

Get Your Fill of Movies

You can also turn your holiday at home into a film adventure. Go ahead and take your time working your way through some of the most epic and well-known movies based around the Netherlands – not just specifically Amsterdam. Some of the most notable movies include The Diary of Anne Frank, Diamonds are Forever, Character, Black Book, and A Bridge Too Far. Some obviously feature real moments in history, whereas other films focus more on the scenery and culture.

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Do a Little Online Shopping

Then there is the fact that you can engage in a little online shopping, looking for fabulous pieces straight from Amsterdam. You can seek out the local shops to see if they have an online presence and go ahead and place some orders. You may want to order clothing, home décor, kitchen tools and accessories, and anything else that catches your eye. It will be as though you were there in person shopping for souvenirs to bring home.

Create a Vibe at Home with Trending Amsterdam Music

Finally, you can complete the scene and experience at home by playing the hottest and most trending tracks in Amsterdam – really setting the tone. If you’re not into trending hits you can always embrace classical music instead, which is well-loved in Amsterdam.

So, while it’s certainly not the same as visiting Amsterdam in-person, there are indeed ways to emulate the experience at home and feel as though you’re getting a taste and feel for the iconic city. At the very least, it can prepare you for the day when you will be able to visit in person.