Capcom hits record numbers at the end of 2020


Capcom’s latest earnings report shows how in the third quarter of the 2020/21 fiscal year its profits have soared thanks to the success of Resident Evil 3 y a Monster Hunter: World.

A press release from the company shows that the brand’s sales have risen 22.6% and earnings 32.2% annual growth. Sales have reached 64,867 million yen, assuming a profit of 164.15 yen, well above the 122’39 yen. This would span from April to December 2020.

During the third quarter of the year, Capcom has seen growth in sales of Resident Evil 3, which was released in April. They have reached 3.6 million sales. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, from 2019, has continued to sell well in 2020, accumulating up to 7.2 million units sold.

It should also be noted that for Capcom there has been an increase due to the launch of the casino pachislo machine based on Monster Hunter: World in November.

“As a result, Capcom has achieved the highest profits at all levels at the end of the third quarter in company history,” the press release tells us.

As detailed in the presentation of the financial results, the impact of COVID-19 has been definitive for this result. Capcom has also downplayed the recent data security incident and said that the investigation into it is ongoing.

There is a lot ahead for Capcom, which now faces the arrival of Resident Evil: Village as well.

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