Capcom would have readjusted the development of Resident Evil 4 Remake and could delay the launch


The remake of Resident Evil 4 it has not yet been officially announced. However, the leaks that have occurred in the past, with quality sources, suggest that it is an open secret. However, a new VGC report assures that Capcom would have made important internal changes in the development of this project. Changes that could lead to a delay in the launch (now scheduled for 2023).

Initially, there was talk about the possibility that M-Two (Resident Evil 3 Remake) was the internal studio that was in charge of this game. But the report says the development has undergone a major leadership change due to disagreements over its direction. In that way, all the weight would now fall on Capcom Division 1, which is the main study of the saga.

According to VGC, the information has been provided by sources with knowledge of the project. And they would be the same ones that, with the initial leak, confirmed in advance that M-Two participated in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Something that was confirmed by the credits of the game afterwards.

According to the same sources, the M-Two studio (based in Osaka) is a development team that was founded by the former director of PlatinumGames, Tatsuya Minami. The study would have been funded in part by Capcom, which was made up of some former PlatinumGames employees, including developers from the Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta 2 teams.

Apparently, the project had a review at the end of last year 2020. And after that review, Capcom decided that the role of M-Two in the new version of RE4 would be significantly reduced. One of the supposed reasons that could have led to that decision would be the fact that M-Two would have wanted to have a large part of the original Resident Evil 4 template. And the reason could have been the criticism that RE 3 Remake received for not introducing some elements much loved by fans of the original.

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On the other hand, the report says that doesn’t mean Capcom wants a radically different game. As they comment, the company does prefer a direction very inspired by the original, but with its own characteristics, unique elements of the story and environments not necessarily confined to the plane of the original, as with the remake of RE 2.