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Carlos Tevez’s message after Boca won River’s place in the Diego Maradona Cup final

Carlos Tevez tweet: “There is a team for the finals that we have left”.
Carlos Tevez tweet: “There is a team for the finals that we have left”.

This year Carlos Tevez He has been in big football for two decades, since his debut in Boca’s Primera on October 21, 2001. A fan of that team and historical reference, nothing was ever saved. Since his arrival on social networks, he published photos and allusive phrases. In this case, a reference to the final that his team will have in the Diego Maradona Cup, a possibility that he took away from River after his draw against Argentinos (2 to 2) and the defeat of the Millionaire team against Independiente (0-2) .

There is a team for the finals that we have left”, He wrote on Twitter where he added the hashtag #VAMOSBOCA. He had 1,800 re-tweets, was quoted 22 times with many messages in favor and others against, and had 31,100 likes. He posted the same in an Instagram story. Mention the word “end”. Will you take the semifinal phase against Santos for granted? With the Brazilian team on Wednesday he plays the second leg for the Copa Libertadores after equalizing at zero in La Bombonera.

Did you mean to refer to River? Beyond that those led by Marcelo gallardo They did not get a pass to the final, they also have it very difficult in the second semifinal match for the same continental competition. He must come back from 0-3 as a visitor against Palmeiras.

It should be remembered that Carlitos was also one of the most targeted by River fans when they surpassed their eternal rival, especially after the historic final in Madrid in 2018 and the elimination in the 2019 semifinals.

While on December 29, Apache posted on Twitter “Concentrates, we have 3 finals left!” It is understood that he referred to the Libertadores, since at that point three games were missing, two in the semifinal and the decisive game.

Tevez did not play yesterday as he was guarded by the technical director, Michelangelo Russo. His team already achieved the last Argentine championship last year. Now you have the possibility of getting two more crowns in just thirteen days and it would be three in less than twelve months (N. de la R: in 2020 he was champion on March 7). On January 17 he will play the final of the Diego Maradona Cup. And on Saturday 30, if he prevails against Santos, he will seek to capture his maximum objective, the seventh Libertadores.

Carlos, who will turn 37 on February 5, shows him intact and at a good level. Since the arrival of Russo he exploded, he scored key goals, such as Boca’s last title against Gimnasia, the last time he Diego Maradona was present at La Bombonera.

It is the second heads-up that Boca beat River in a definition in less than a year. It is true that they were not on the field, but those of La Ribera ended up celebrating. Meanwhile Tevez knows how to pepper the issue, whether or not he intended to refer to the Millionaire. At least they talk about him because Carlos knows how to attract attention.

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