Cash Wheeler, A Professional Wrestler, Has Been Charged With Assault


Cash Wheeler, A Professional Wrestler, Has Been Charged With Assault:

Daniel Wheeler, an All Elite Wrestling tag-team winner, was taken into custody alongside one count of aggravated attack with a gun on Friday morning through the Orlando Police Department. County papers show that he was put in the Orange County Jail.

Cash Wheeler, 36, is a part of the tag team FTR alongside Dax Harwood. He is better known as Cash Wheeler in the wrestling world. They have won the AEW tag-team title.

On July 28, A Warrant Was Issued For His Arrest, And On August 3, He Pleaded Not Guilty:

Daniel Matta told police in a signed statement that on the morning of July 27, he was going west upon I-4 near South Street when he saw a Jeep Gladiator behind him moving through traffic and then passing him on the right side.

He saw that the driver, a white man with a beard, was pointing a black semiautomatic pistol at him with a strong stare from the driver’s window.

Later, Matta found out that Wheeler was the one driving. On July 28, a warrant was issued for his arrest, and on August 3, he pleaded not guilty.

At a meeting on Friday afternoon, the Wrestling Observer reported that Wheeler was arrested because of a “road rage-type incident” in which the wrestler was charged of pointing a gun at a claimed victim.

Wheeler Is Not Allowed To Have A Gun, And His Bail Has Been Set A $2500:

Friday afternoon, Wheeler showed up in court. Wheeler’s bail has been set at $2,500, so until the investigation is over, he can’t have a gun or talk to the people he is accused of hurting.

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Court records show that a warrant for Wheeler’s arrest was issued on July 28. On August 3, his lawyers wrote that he was not guilty, and he didn’t have to go to a pre-trial meeting that day. On August 18, a request for his arrest was made.

The Sentinel got a comment from AEW that says, “AEW is aware of the charge, and we are keeping a close eye on the situation. Cash Wheeler is working with the police in every way.

Wheeler Is Set To Wrestle Within London On August 27:

Most people think that AEW is the second-best wrestling company in the U.S. after WWE. Wheeler is set to fight on August 27 in London at a show that is projected to attract 80,000 people.

Wheeler has been wrestling for 18 years. Before joining AEW within 2020, he spent six years within the WWE system, involving time in Orlando’s NXT.

In the next part of the statement, it says that the claimed victim had the ability to pick Wheeler out of a set of six photos that the officer showed him.

When cops looked at the photo ID and his written statement, they had a good reason for obtaining a warrant for Wheeler’s arrest.

Photo ID Gave The Police A Good Reason For Obtaining A Warrant To Arrest Wheeler:

This is what Wheeler’s accused said under oath, which a police officer wrote down. It says “July 28, 2023” on it. Wheeler pleaded not guilty to the charge, so the court process to find out if he is responsible or not has just started.

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The Orlando Sentinel was the first to report that the man had been arrested. Cash, whose real name was Daniel Wheeler and who is 36 years old, was charged alongside one count of severe attack with a gun and taken to Circuit Court.

Wheeler is an important part of the company because he is one half of the AEW tag team winners, FTR. On August 27, at the All In event in London’s Wembley Stadium, he will be in a big pay-per-view fight.

He Could Be Fired By AEW:

Here is AEW’s formal statement: “AEW is mindful of the charge, as well as the situation is being closely watched. He is working with the officials in every way.”

At All In, FTR is set up to defend the tag titles in opposition to Young Bucks. This was the main story of the last part of last week’s Dynamite.

Due to the importance of the charge, Wheeler’s arrest instantly makes that pay-per-view match more complicated. It’s possible that AEW will ban him or even keep him from leaving the country.