Casino Games that are trending in 2022 in the US


Casino Games that are trending in 2022 in the US

With the legalization of online gambling sweeping across US states, playing online casino games has never been so popular. For those who have visited physical land-based casinos before, you’ll find all the usual games you expect, from blackjack and roulette, all the way to the hundreds of slot games you’ll find available.

However, there are a number of differences between physical casinos and online casinos. One of the key ones comes down to payout times. In a brick-and-mortar casino, when you have your winnings you can cash them out instantly at a pay desk. But, if you go to an online casino, you can be waiting anywhere between 24 hours and up to 10 business days for your winnings to be cashed out.

It’s not all negative though, there are the benefits of the new online casinos too. One key one is because they are not limited by space, plus they have access to a whole host of extra technology, they have a whole host of additional variations to classic games. Even offering a wider variety of slot games too.

We’re going to check out a few of the current casino games that are trending this year in the US.

Lightning Roulette

They say that “lightning doesn’t strike twice” but in Lightning Roulette, it can strike up to five times in the electrifying version of the classic table game. The rules for the most part remain the same. You place your bets, either on the outside (red/black, odds/evens) or the inside (single numbers, halves, and quarters), and the dealer spins the ball around the wheel. Whatever the ball lands on, the casino will pay out on.

Where lightning blackjack differs though, is that in each round, lightning will strike up to five numbers, applying a multiplier to each one. These multipliers can range anywhere from 50x to 500x your stake. If you have then placed a bet on one of those numbers and it comes in on the wheel, that multiplier will apply to your stake. The numbers selected and the multipliers are selected by a random number generator, so it is complete luck if it ends up being a number you’ve covered.

But as you can see from this video below of YouTuber ttdante, it can lead to massive payouts when everything comes together.

Crazy Time

As well as traditional games, and their new variations like Lightning Roulette, many new online casino platforms have begun to experiment with new types of games. One such game is Crazy Time, a game show-like experience similar to the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune.

Crazy Time involves a massive wheel that is split into numerous sections. Players place bets on which section they think the flapper at the top of the wheel will land on. Options include betting on numbers one, two, five and ten, or the option of playing four bonus games. The numbers appear more often on the wheel, with one appearing the most, and ten the least, then there is just one section for each of the four bonus games.

These bonus games are:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip
  • Pachinko
  • Crazy Time

If a player bets on one of the bonus games, they will then be eligible to play. Each one having their own unique experiences. Cash Hunt is like a shooting gallery game. There are a number of targets set on a wall, players must then select which target they want. A cannon will then fire at the targets revealing multipliers. The multiplier behind your selected target will then apply to your stake, and can range from between 5x and 1,000x your stake.

Coin Flip is as simple as it sounds. Two multipliers are randomly generated, each one being assigned to red or blue. A coin is then tossed, with the color on top being the multiplier awarded to players who made it to the game.

Pachinko again is self-explanatory, for anyone who has seen this game before anyway. The host of the game will launch a ball which will tumble down through pegs, landing into a section in the bottom. There are a number of multipliers available, plus a DOUBLE section too, which will double all multipliers and make the host launch another ball. These can keep doubling up until 10,000 your stake, but once the ball lands on a multiplier, that will be the one given to players.

And the final game, Crazy Time. This is the biggest bonus game on offer. An additional wheel like the one in the main game will appear, with a number of sections given a set color. Players must select the color they believe the flapper will stop on, and if correct, will receive that multiplier to their original stake. However, players can also choose to bet on DOUBLE and TRIPLE sections, which will allow the board to spin again only for those players. Possibly giving them the chance of receiving 20,000x their stake.

Blackjack Switch

The final of our popular casino games that is trending this year is another that is based on a classic table game, Blackjack Switch. The aim remains pretty much the same, with players aiming to get as close to 21 as possible, or at least outsourcing the dealer or hoping that they go bust.

But to give players a better chance, they are able to swap out the second card in their hand for a new one. So, if a player has an Ace and then a Five for example, they are able to swap that second card out, giving them a second chance at getting a potential blackjack. But there are some catches.

Due to the increased chance of winning offered to the player, getting a blackjack only pays out evens like a normal hand, rather than the 3/2 odds usually attributed to it. Also, the dealer can push if they get 22. So they have a bit of a safety net instead of going bust, which will return initial stakes back to players for anyone who didn’t get a blackjack. This is to ensure the house still has its edge over players.


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