Castlevania enters the NFTs: Konami launches an exclusive collection for the 35th anniversary of the franchise


The Japanese company will auction 14 unique works of art from the saga through an initiative called Konami Memorial NFT.

Castlevania’s history has reached the 35 years, and Konami has decided to celebrate such an event with all kinds of initiatives. On the one hand, they have given us Castlevania Advance Collection for PC and consoles, and not happy with it they have also released Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls for Apple Arcade. However, the Japanese offices do not want to end the celebration and, therefore, have announced its inclusion in the world of NFTs.

Konami Memorial NFT includes 14 unique Castlevania artworksUnder the name Konami Memorial NFT, the company enters this controversial field with nothing less than 14 unique works of art from the Castlevania series. In this collection we find scenes from the games, unpublished images and even the background music, which will be auctioned from next 12th of January. And Konami may not be done with their expedition into the lands of the NFTs.

Castlevania Advance Collection

In this sense, the Japanese company states in a press release that “Being the company’s first project in this area and with NFTs and blockchain technology in its early days, Konami will continue to explore new developments Y attending to the comments of the players after this initial collection. “In other words, Konami drops the possibility that, based on the public’s response, it will continue its adventures with NFTs in the future.

And what’s new about the games in the franchise? At the moment, none, but Konami intends to continue exploring the horizon of its saga: “Looking to the future of the series, the company will continue to support currently available titles, as well as evaluate new opportunities of titles that meet and exceed players’ expectations. “

Be that as it may, Konami joins that list of companies in the sector who applaud the arrival of NFTs, as long as the community provides a positive review. After all, the authors of STALKER 2 have ended up backtracking in their proposal on NFTs after the avalanche of complaints by your audience. A very different scenario than what we have witnessed with Ubisoft, which will not abandon its Ubisoft Quartz, or with Square Enix, whose shares on the stock market have increased in value after the announcement about the NFTs.

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