Celeste receives a partial sequel by surprise


The developers of Celeste (2018) have released a kind of sequel to the original by surprise. The reason? Commemorate the third anniversary of the game.

Celeste director Maddy Thorson posted the news on Twitter, revealing that Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek or Celeste Classic 2 is a sequel to the game’s original prototype, built on Pico-8.

Pico-8 is a “fantasy video game console” game engine that allows your games to be played within a browser. This means that you can play Celeste Classic 2 right now if you follow this link to the game’s Itch.io page.

According to the short description accompanying the game, Celeste Classic 2 was built in just three days. Also, this little sequel is a challenging title, clearly established within the Celestial universe. You play as a new character named Lani, who has a grappling hook.

With respect to the original game, at IGN Spain we rated it 9.2 out of 10. We said that “It can – and should – be one of the surprises of the year. An excellent platform game that could perfectly be the offspring of Super Mario Bros and Dark Souls.”.

Since its launch, the game has continued to receive support from its creators. Not only because of a recent launch on Google Stadia, but also with a totally free DLC that closed the story.

And beware, that downloadable content offers 100 new levels that bring the total game to around 800 levels. In addition, it also contains new songs from its captivating soundtrack and more game mechanics for the protagonist. Of course, those new levels are up to par with the originals in terms of difficulty.

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