Central government increases support price of 6 crops, attempts to pacify farmers angry with agricultural bill

new Delhi: There is anger among farmers across the country about three new agricultural bills. There is uproar from Parliament to the road. Meanwhile, the government has decided to increase the support price of many crops. The support price (MSP) of 6 rabi crops has been increased. The minimum support price of wheat has been increased by 50 rupees. The government of the new MSP has announced. The support price of wheat has been increased to Rs. 1975. Till now it was 1925 rupees. Also Read – Anupam Kher said in support of agricultural bills- now farmers will become self-reliant

The decision to increase the support price was to come a month later, but it has already been approved. It is believed that the government has taken this decision due to the ongoing ruckus in the farmers regarding the Farmers Bill 2020. So that the anger of the farmers is calmed down. Also Read – PM Modi On Farm Bills: PM Modi told the need of the time for the Agricultural Bill passed by Parliament – gave this confidence to farmers about MSP …

Explain that with the new bills, farmers fear that privatization will increase and this will cause big loss to farmers. Big businessmen will be arbitrary and the market system will end. If this happens, the support price system will also end. Along with this, under another bill, the law of hoarding has been legalized. It is feared that hoarding will be encouraged on a large scale. Along with this, there are many other rules which farmers are opposing. Farmers are calling this a black law. Also Read – P. Chidambaram asked the government – how will the MSP of farmers’ grains be ensured, will there be any magic?

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