Central government’s action on the threat of bird flu, control room made to monitor the situation

new Delhi: Bird flu cases are continuously reported in about 6 states of the country. In such a situation, all the state governments have come in alert mode and are taking necessary precautions. But given the seriousness of the matter, a big action has been taken by the Central Government. In this case, the central government has prepared a control room. So that all the states can keep in touch with the control room and the necessary information can be shared. Also Read – #BirdFlu: As soon as the news of bird flu broke, the dam of the people was broken, said – now what is this new rule …

Let us know that in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, there are frequent cases of bird flu. The highest number of flu cases have been seen in Madhya Pradesh. Thousands of birds have died here, viruses have also been found in crows. Let us tell you that an emergency meeting has been called in view of the worsening situation. Explain that after the confirmation of bird flu in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala by the Central Government, a control room has been set up in Delhi. So that such cases can be monitored. Also Read – Samples sent to thousands of birds in Panchkula after panic of bird flu in many states of the country

On the other hand, the Government of Karnataka has issued an alert to the 4 states adjacent to the state boundaries. So far in India, cases of bird flu have been seen in many states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Indore, Kerala and Gujarat. Alerts have also been issued in 10 states so far. Also Read – Bird Flu: Learn Everything or Not to Eat Chicken and Egg Between Bird Flu

What is bird flu

Bird flu disease is caused by Avian Influenza virus H5N1. The virus spreads to humans through birds, according to the World Health Organization, infection of bird flu is difficult to reach from one person to another, but it reaches and is life-threatening. The death rate of people infected with this virus is 60 percent.

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