Certain Affinity will help your employees flee new laws on abortion and trans rights


Max Hoberman’s veteran studio is working with 343 Industries on Halo Infinite content.

Certain Affinity will help your employees flee new laws on abortion and trans rights

America is living a few convulsive moments following the Roe v. Wade review. Some social repercussions that have not taken long to be reflected in the video game industry, with recent cases such as that of Bungie, who have been committed to showing their position on abortion: “There will never be a ‘muzzle’ big enough to prevent us from stand up for what is right.

At PlayStation, Jim Ryan, CEO of the company, asked just a few days ago that employees respect the diversity of internal opinions and their public, while Insomniac donated $50,000 for the right to abortion. On this occasion, it has been Max Hoberman, veteran Halo multiplayer designer and former Bungie employee, who has committed to the rights of its workers.

Hoberman, CEO of Certain Affinity, has shared a message through his Twitter account, which Gamesindustry has echoed, his position on the recent social changes that are taking place in the United States and particularly in Texas, home state and headquarters of the studio. Hoberman has pointed out that the states are interfering in what he considers “personal health and privacy issues“.

The creative has denounced some “serious intrusions on the rights and dignity of transgender youthputting politics before the health and physical and emotional well-being of a vulnerable population, and threatening their families, friends, doctors and other supporters”, has also made reference to “the rights of women to make critical decisions about your health and well-being, including access to vital contraceptive drugs and abortion“, decisions that according to Hoberman, “are being attacked”.

The blatant politicization of private health matters is hurting our businessMax Hoberman“All of this is incredibly concerning on a personal level, and also as a business owner and leader: the blatant politicization of private health matters is harming our business in a tangible way, including our ability to hire staff“confessed Hoberman, who has assured that he will cover the necessary expenses of the families, including the transfer to another safer state or province if” the one in which they live restricts access to what most medical experts consider essential care, ” making staying there untenable.

Certain Affinity tiene offices in Austin, Texas, but also in Toronto, Ontaire and has the possibility that its employees can work remotely from various states of the United States and some Canadian provinces. The studio is currently working to help 343 Industries with new Halo Infinite content.

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