Charlyn Corral’s great goal in the league that is giving people something to talk about

The forward of the Tuzas de Pachuca scored a great goal from outside the large area and signed her brace in the first leg of the semifinal against the Rayadas de Monterrey.

Charlyn Corral continues to shine with the Tuzas de Pachuca squad. After being a key player in eliminating the Eagles of America in the quarterfinals of the league in the Grita México Clausura 2022 tournament, claimed again in the semi-final. The striker grabbed the spotlight during the semi-final against scratched of Monterrey by scoring a brace and a Great goal from outside the large area.

The player from Ecatepec, State of Mexico opened the actions from the minute 20 with a score that surprised the powerful squad led by Eva Espejo. However, the goal that grabbed the spotlight due to its difficulty and execution was the one scored minute 42when he put in a ball that he recovered and drove all the way from midfield.

As Diego Armando Maradona did in the World Cup in Mexico 86, Corral took the ball from the middle of the field. Valeria del Campo overtook her area to try to recover it, but Charlyn’s run was more effective in avoiding the mark. She with a long touch she reached the bottom line, where the mark of the number 23 was again removed with a cutout.

Charlyn scored the first goal of the series after leading an individual play that could not be stopped by the defense from Monterrey

The position he adopted at that moment made a direct shot impossible to the goal and the presence of his partner in the area made him think of the execution of a center. However, without entering the rectangle, he sent a high shot that exceeded the height of Alejandría Godínez and crashed into the crossbar before crossing the goal line. The ball barely lasted a breath inside the net and was taken by the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal shout.

The show of the former Atlético de Madrid Femenil striker began 22 minutes before with an individual move. After a missed attack, the Gophers started walking a kickback sudden. A shot from the defense towards the midfield was enough to put player number 9 in an advantage position, who undertook another run, this time against the siege of Rebeca Bernal.

As soon as he entered the area, he threatened to shoot from the edge towards one of the angles. The deception gave him time to continue towards the bottom linewhere He shot towards the first post. Although Godínez was in a good position to defend that sector of the goal, the low ball did not allow him to react in time and slipped into the net before his incredulous gaze.

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