Chatting app Telegram trying to compete in Whats app, updated video calling feature


new Delhi: WhatsApp’s closest rival Telegram has announced that it is introducing video calls feature in all its desktop and mobile apps. Currently available in Telegram Beta, this feature will officially come with 7.0 version of the application. The company said in a statement on Friday, “You can initiate a video call from your contact’s profile page and switch on or off the video at any time during a voice call.” Also Read – Baap Re Baap: Father brutally murdered son, CCTV footage captured, video viral

Like the rest of the content on Telegram, the video call also supports the picture-in-picture mode, “it allows you to chat and scroll through multitasks while maintaining eye contact.” Like voice calls, all video calls are being encrypted end-to-end in Telegram. Also Read – How Facebook detects harmful content, what is artificial intelligence, learn

The app will show four emoji on the screen to both the user and the call partner. If all four emojis are the same, then the call is encrypted. In addition, Telegram has also added more animated emoji options to commonly used emojis. If you type any of these emojis in the chat, a larger animated version will appear instead. Also Read – Person posting abusive on social media arrested, relative of Congress MLA!


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