Cheats have come to Halo Infinite, and Xbox users ask to disable crossplay


The title of 343 Industries does not allow disabling this option except in specific modalities.

In mid-November, the 343 Industries team decided to pleasantly surprise its community with the premiere of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, a beta that placed the game in the best positions on Steam. However, and as often happens in this class of online titles, the games are already filling up with cheats that reinforce their skill with the use of hacks, so honest players are already asking for measurements against this type of practice.

Classic hacks like automatic aiming are backAs Eurogamer collects, several users have shared scenes that show the use of hacks by other players, since strategies that would be impossible for any human being. In this sense, the publications in networks show the use of some technologies already classic in that field, such as the ability to see other users behind walls or automatic aiming.

These kinds of negative experiences have led to new requests to 343 Industries: improve its anti-hacks system or allow disabling cross-play between Xbox and PC, as console users want to avoid encounters with cheaters. After all, Halo Infinite does not have the option to disable crossplay beyond ranked matches in the Arena, where there is the option to play with controller or keyboard and mouse users.

It remains to be seen what decision 343 Industries makes in this regard, as it would not be a surprise if they put more updates to their multiplayer mode after fixing aspects such as the battle pass operation. Despite this, there is less and less left for Halo fans to enjoy the new Master Chief adventure since, although the cooperative mode will see the light later, the game is already gold.

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